First Flowers of Spring


I’m in a really good mood right now, I happened to look outside my window today and saw these three crocuses already blooming. I think of crocuses as the special forces flower of spring, asked to establish the first foothold of spring against the forces of winter. It’s a tough job and often late winter snow will kill many of our crocuses’ flowers but these first defiant splashes of color go a long way to pick up my spirits after a bad winter.

I’m also happy because I’m planning on watching episode 22 of Clannad tonight with my sister and I couldn’t help but peek to what everyone was saying, specifically Fuyumaiden at Simplicity and Jason at Blogsuki. I plan on hopefully writing a post about my thoughts later but for right now I’ll say that if parallel universes do exist, I’m glad I live in one where we got the ending of Clannad that we did. And it was hardly a reset ending when they’ve been dropping hints at this type of ending since early in the first season.


One thought on “First Flowers of Spring”

  1. Ah~ I love having Spring nearby. Everything is already making me more cheerful. Winter…well, Winter can be pretty when there’s snow around, but generally it sucks. (Plus it makes me sick!)

    Um, anyway~ Yeah, people shouldn’t really complain about Clannad. It may be a reset ending, but people need to at least stop throwing around “Deus ex machina” because that generally means that it’s unexpected…I know I would have expected it, with balls of light flying around all the time.


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