Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas in February


You probably didn’t know today is “Christmas in February” because it’s a holiday my family made up 11 years ago.

It started when we decided to have a Christmas-style dinner and serve up the rest of the Christmas cookies that were left over from Christmas and had been sitting in the freezer. As things normally go, we slowly increased what we did for Christmas in February – we got a small 2 foot artificial tree and started decorating it then my parents started buying a small, inexpensive gift for us all. Last year, my mom found a cute artificial 5 ft tree so the little tree got replaced with a bigger one and the $5 dollar gifts have now gotten to be $15 dollar gifts.

One of the nice things about Christmas in February is that we get to pick when in February we want to celebrate it – this year, it’s the last Sunday of the month but next year might be the second Tuesday of the month. Another nice thing is that it gives the dreary month of February a holiday that’s fun. Also, since it’s not the official Christmas, it has all the nice parts of the holiday without any of the stress.

Our new Christmas in February tree, it’ll stay up all week

And some more Christmas themed anime pictures:







4 thoughts on “Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas in February”

  1. A February Christmas. That sounds so fun~ I mean, I’d heard of July Christmas, but not February Christmas.

    It certainly does sound like a more fun holiday than Valentine’s. I feel a little jealous. Two Christmas’s~ And one without all the commercialism too! Lucky.


  2. It is a nice tradition 🙂

    The tree is decorated beautifully 🙂

    Great pictures! 🙂 Minorin is especially funny because it looks like she has mustaches where the nose supposed to be lol


  3. @Janette, FuyuMaiden, and Kitsune: Thanks for the comments. 😀

    My present this year was Dan Simmon’s latest book, Drood. I’ve been finding it hard to put down. In the three days I’ve owned it – I’ve read 435 pages of the 771 pages. Sounds like a lot but his books are always so interesting and easy to read that I’ll read 50 pages and not realize that I just spent an hour reading. 😀


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