Winter Anime Impressions – Hetalia Axis Powers


Because of some presumptive complaining, Hetalia Axis Powers had it’s television run canceled. The bruha-ha helped ensure that when this series was released over the net, even more people would watch. Which is what happened, the website hosting this show crashed from the high demand. I can’t help but think the tv people should have realized that the publicity would ensure a large audience and stuck to airing this, especially if the complaints are unfounded.

The question now is Hetalia Axis Powers any good?

Rating episode 1 – 10/12 A
Rating episode 2 – 10/12 A

After two episodes, I’m going to give Hetalia Axis Powers a preliminary passing score.

The show takes the various countries of the world and anthropomorphizes them into people and gives them a personality that matches the stereotype of that country. For example, Italy likes wine, women, and pasta as well as being artistic. The setting of the show primarily takes place during the time between the world wars of the 20th century but will slide back further in history.

I don’t know how the manga and web comic compare to this anime but I don’t see how anyone could objectively be offended by this. It seems more good-natured then anything else; I certainly wasn’t offended by the US character from episode 1, if anything, he seemed like a pretty good representation of my country.

Given that each episode is only 5 minutes long, the fact that each episode made me laugh several times is a good indication of the show’s quality. The joke that made me laugh the hardest was in the first episode when the countries were discussing how to deal with global warming and France disagreed with America because France always disagrees with America which made America angry. The joke was funny to see and it’s impact was even greater because I wouldn’t expect it in an anime.

The show does have room for improvement and I wonder if the humor will become repetitive over time. How many times will Italy say “Pasta” before I get tired of it? For right now though, it’s better then I thought it would be and definitely funny enough to continue watching.





10 thoughts on “Winter Anime Impressions – Hetalia Axis Powers”

  1. with parody country representations.
    Japan always makes itself to be innocent and “wants to be friends”. yet their history speaks other wise when it comes to how other countries describe it.

    if this was going to be on a kids network, then i can understand why someone would be concerned.


  2. Hetalia looks good to start with but I think it’s certainly a series that will require many repeat viewings in order to really get a great laugh out of it. I was definitely left with wanting to see more after the first episode or two though!


  3. I wasn’t too impressed with my first two viewings. I felt that the humor was a bit overbearing. I wished each episode was a bit longer in length so that it gives the humor more room to breathe. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to more.


  4. if it was given more time, with the same sense of humor over and over, it would get boring pretty fast.

    4koma manga into an Anime usually has the risk of being “a hit or miss”. since somethings would need to be extended or even exaggerated from it’s source.

    i think one reason why people are watching it, is because of it’s banning.


  5. When you try and censor something on Web, the internet sees it as a threat and tries to route around it, in a nut shell korea shot its self in the foot, Animax/AT-V better pick up this anime ASAP. China-shun’s tray joke was hilarious XD i cant wait for the next episode lol


  6. I’d wait a while before judging the anime. I mean, I’m a MASSIVE fan of hetalia, but to be honest, I wasn’t hugely impressed with the first 3 chapters of the main storyline – the jokes were a tad weak. I’m not to fond of the chibitalia storyline either.

    However, after the first 3 chapters, the author really gets into the flow of it and it becomes absolutely hilarious.

    But to be honest, it’s the comic diaries and extra strips (of which there are many) that are the funniest. I love them. Give them a read. 🙂


  7. I disagree with insania, therefore I agree with what the following person said.
    If each episode were longer, the jokes would get dragged over and get boring. Too much emphasis is bad, maybe.

    Anyways, I ❤ HETALIA! they should have a shirt saying that hehe


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