Kyoto Animation’s New Spring Anime or We’re Still Waiting for Haruhi Season 2


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I thought the announcement of a new season of Haruhi starting this April sounded a bit unbelievable. A couple of days before the mis-interpreted news broke about the first season of Haruhi being replayed starting in April, I came across this site mentioning Kyoto Animation was going to be doing the anime adaptation of a 4-koma called K-On! or Keion. It’s about 4 high school girls who are trying to save the light music club without knowing how to play musical instruments. I thought the premise could be interesting and almost wrote up a post saying this looked good and I was looking forward to it even though we were going to have to wait for Haruhi and Full Metal Panic even longer.

With regards to Haruhi I thought it highly unlikely after doing two shows at once for the first time in the current season, Winter 2009, that KyoAni would (or even could without outsourcing) do it again. If I had to guess based on the news of Haruhi being replayed this spring is that we can expect the second season either in the summer or fall. But I really don’t care much because I’ve slowly fallen into the camp of people that will watch Haruhi S.2 (and probably love it) but will no longer spend much effort about the show until it actually airs.

Character design of the source material

I like the character design of the anime over the original. For some reason I thought of Manabi Straight instantly when I saw the anime picture and read what the show will about and that’s a good thing because I loved Manabi Straight. I’m hoping for more information soon like who’s the voice cast because this show could feature a bunch of singing and concert scenes and I’m curious if they’ll get a star-studded cast.

As we get closer to the spring season, expect more information on this and the many other new shows like the second series of Full Metal Alchemist and Hayate the Combat Butler which are set to air. And I can’t believe I’m starting to already think about my spring preview already – there’s still a few winter shows I wanted to get to.


Taken from ANN:

Director: Hisako Yamada (episode director on Clannad After Story, Lucky Star (OAV))
Series Script Supervisor: Reiko Yoshida (Kaikan Phrase, Maria Watches Over Us, Scrapped Princess)
Character Designer: Yukiko Horiguchi (Lucky Star, Lucky Star (OAV)
Art Director: Seiki Tamura (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Michiko to Hatchin)
Color Design: Akiyo Takeda (Air, Clannad, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
Director of Photography: Rin Yamamoto (Clannad After Story)

The K-ON! cast list will be as follows:

Yui Hirasawa: Aki ToyosakiYoshino from Minami-ke
Mio Akiyama: Yōko Hikasa Little sister with camera from Sketchbook
Ritsu Tainaka: Satomi Satou
Tsumigi Kotobuki: Minako Kotobuki
Sawako Yamanaka: Asami Sanada Kanako (main character) from Maria+holic
Nodoka Manabe: Chie Tōdō – first role
Ui Hirasawa: Madoka Yonezawa

8 thoughts on “Kyoto Animation’s New Spring Anime or We’re Still Waiting for Haruhi Season 2”

  1. I’m not really sure how K-On! is actually going to work. Will it follow the typical structure of a 4-koma adaptation or as a full-fledged narrative (given the premise of the characters trying to save a music club)?

    I might give it a look to see if the execution is there.


  2. And this was why I was partially suspicious of Haruhi S2 anyway. KyoAni is doing two series at one time, but since they’re re-using a lot of Munto, it’s not really the same thing.

    …I kind of bet we get Haruhi in the summer or Fall though.

    But I couldn’t care less about the lack of Haruhi! K-On! is already on my watchlist and I’m looking forward to it.


  3. I find myself more excited about watching this show then watching the second season of Haruhi. This seems a great match for KyoAni’s talents.

    I’m actually rather surprised that Aya Hirano isn’t among the cast they announced.


  4. It seems that they just like trolling people about second season of Haruhi… Perhaps, it will start in the fall…

    Although, I don’t like the style of character design, K-Oh! might turn out a fun anime because it is focusing on music 🙂


  5. I’m actually excited for this anime. When I found out KyoAni was going to be doing a much more ‘musical’ anime, the musician in me freaked.

    Perhaps, we’ll see an awesome concert scene in this anime? Well, only God Knows…

    …And KyoAni. 😛

    I don’t mind waiting for Suzumiya Haruhi 2. I mean, it must be hard cooking up a story line that’ll work for anime from many light novels you know?

    This show looks promising, and of course, Suzumiya Haruhi is always on my list.


  6. Hello, I’m from the USA and I have a 12 years old animi artist…his art is really unique art…please let me know if you want to see his work…not a japanese kid, a cambodian kid that have a dream of japan animation..please help him..his drawing is very unique…tthanks!


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