Winter Anime Impressions – Birdy the Mighty Decode 2


The first season of Birdy was one of the highlights of the summer. It wasn’t perfect but it did an excellent job in developing the story and it’s animation was above average bordering on great. I’m hoping that A-1 Pictures received a little more money to do this season because that might be all they need to make this one of the hits of the more crowded winter season.

Rating: 11/12 A+

From the first season, Birdy is an intergalactic police officer sent to Earth. She has the technology to change her appearance so she created a cover identity named Shion and worked as a model. She was on the hunt for the aliens that brought an object called the Runka to Earth so they could test it’s world destroying capabilities. During her investigation she accidentally kills a high school student, Senkawa, and as a result has to have Senkawa’s consciousness share Birdy’s body until they can grow him a new body. Now at the start of the second season, Senkawa and Birdy still have to share a single body and Birdy is put on a new case involving other criminals tied to the Runka.



I was really surprised by how good this episode was.

There was several things done in this episode that seemed to signal that this season will improve upon the last. The emphasis on Birdy’s past in the OP/ED and in episode along with her meeting a friend from when she was little was a welcome addition because character development was one of the weaker aspects of the first season. Also good to see was Shion making an appearance in this episode because Shion wasn’t in the first season enough. And finally, Senkawa seemed more like a real person this episode because we actually saw him act and react as you’d expect him. I felt bad for Senkawa when he looked shell-shocked from remembering the events of the first season but I also love it because he should have been deeply affected with what happened.

The animation of this episode was very good, actually one of the best efforts of the season. Hopefully, it can continue but it will probably follow what happened with the first season – looked really good at the beginning and ending episodes but only okay in the middle. The other parts of the show like voice acting and music seem to match the first season in terms of quality.

If you’re looking for a good title to watch for this season and haven’t tried Birdy, I’d definitely recommend giving this show a chance. Even if you haven’t watched the first season, I think it’s definitely possible to watch the second season. Of course, the first season was a good season itself, and definitely worth you’re time.







One thought on “Winter Anime Impressions – Birdy the Mighty Decode 2”

  1. Pretty good review. I’m halfway through the new season and, as you say, the series has improved in leaps and bound. They took everything that was good about the first season and made simply great. For me one of this year’s highlights.


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