Winter Anime Impressions – Sora o Kakeru Shoujo


I decided to watch the first episode of this solely based on the fact that the title translates to ‘The Girl who Leapt Through Space’. I had to know if there was some reason to use a title that appears to be an obvious reference to the movie ‘The Girl who Leapt Through Time’.

Rating: 8/12 B+

There was definitely a girl and she lives in space and she did do some leaping in a spaceship but as for why it got named the way it did, I’m still unsure. Then again, the show pretty much left me totally clueless as to what I had just watched.

It opens with the oldest sister of a family accepting an offer to marry one of the younger sisters to some unknown gentleman because it’ll help the family’s fortunes. The younger sister, obviously, doesn’t like this and quickly escapes. She ends up on an unknown colony ship that’s run by an unhinged AI with suicidal tendencies and has to stop him before he incinerates the ship by falling into Earth’s atmosphere.

The crazed AI was the highlight of the episode and probably the strongest reason people will find to watch more of this show. The animation looked nice, the voice actors did a good job with their roles, and I even laughed a few times. I had a hard time, though, evaluating if I actually liked this episode or not. I like when a show is different but being really different can make it hard to get a handle on if the show will be any good or not. So in the end, I used the fact that it intrigued me enough to watch another episode to give it a relatively good score.







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