Winter Anime Impressions – Akikan


With the pre-airing of episode 1 before the new year, many people have had the chance to watch this already and just about everyone reported that this was a stinker. I decided to press on and watch Akikan, not because I think everyone is wrong but because I already said I’d watch it and if it was that bad then I could safely drop it quickly. And if it was awful, it might be so awful that it could be enjoyable.

Rating: episode 1 – 4/12 C

Rating: episode 2 – 3/12 D

Childhood friend on the right

This is the show, if you remember, that has girls that change from pop can form to human form if you drink from them. Just that amount of the story makes it sound dumb and I did say that in my preview but I was hoping the animation studio behind it, one I really liked, could salvage the show. They couldn’t but I kinda feel sorry for them so I gave it a better grade then it deserved. So don’t let the scores fool you, it was awful and sadly, not awful in the way that could be entertaining. Consider this show the first show dropped of the winter season.

If it had merely been mediocre and riddled with clichés then I’d be willing to watch a few more episodes to see if it improves but I don’t think this show has even a deus ex machina chance of improving to bearable.Even if I discount the disturbing subtext of the main character having to drink from the girl to change her from pop can form to human form, the show lacks any redeeming qualities.

The characters grate on the nerves for having all the bad qualities of well-worn character types without having any of the good qualities. The comedy was very limited and the same few jokes were repeated over and over. The plot, about the government outlawing either steel or aluminum cans to increase efficiency forcing the steel can girls and aluminum can girls to fight to determine the winner, is half-baked and very contrived sounding even for a show of this type.

The only way that I could be possibly watch another episode was if MST3K got resurrected and worked their magic on it.

Only time I really laughed

One thought on “Winter Anime Impressions – Akikan”

  1. At least watching episode three where Mamiko Noto makes her entrance as the Aluminum Akikan.

    This show works for me on laughs, but I guess you’ve got to have a perverted mind to get the giggles from all the double-meaning dialogs.


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