Minami-Ke: Okaeri episode 2 – Hosaka the Curry Fairy

Below is a clip from episode 2 of Minami-Ke: Okaeri showing Chiaki’s meeting with Hosaka in the supermarket. My sister and I have been giggling about this for the past two hours. I’m starting to really think that this season might turn out to be a good one.

I’ve noticed lots of people mention that they can’t believe Fujioka still thinks that Touma is a guy but if we assume that the second series is being treated as if it didn’t happen (the third season picks up at the end of the first season) then it would make a lot more sense.


3 thoughts on “Minami-Ke: Okaeri episode 2 – Hosaka the Curry Fairy”

  1. Okay, I’m in. Quit the first season after 4 episodes, but I’ll try again.

    That must have been the Review Fairy –


  2. The second episode definitely had me cracking up too, especially Devil Chiaki and Hosaka the Curry Fairy…animation quality seemed a little off at times, but it was funny enough that I can’t really complain…


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