Clannad Wallpapers 2


Time for more Clannad wallpapers 🙂 . This time I have wallpapers I made using the nice scans of the 2009 Clannad calendar found in the animesuki forums as well as several retrimmed scans. In case you can’t tell from in the small thumbnails, the first blue Nagisa wallpaper has her name from before episode 13 of Clannad – After Story and the second has her name after episode 13.

1280 x 1024

clannad06_1280 clannad07_1280 clannad08_1280

clannad09_1280 cal_clannad01_1280

cal_clannad01a_1280 cal_clannad02_1280 cal_clannad03_1280

cal_clannad04_1280 cal_clannad05_1280 cal_clannad06_1280

1600 x 1200

clannad06_1600 clannad07_1600 clannad08_1600

clannad09_1600 cal_clannad01_1600

cal_clannad01a_1600 cal_clannad02_1600 cal_clannad03_1600

cal_clannad04_1600 cal_clannad05_1600 cal_clannad06_1600

1920 x 1200

clannad06_1920 clannad07_1920 clannad08_1920

clannad09_1920 cal_clannad01_1920

cal_clannad01a_1920 cal_clannad02_1920 cal_clannad03_1920

cal_clannad04_1920 cal_clannad05_1920 cal_clannad06_1920


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