Yozakura Quartet Series Review


The next fall series I finished watching was Yozakura Quartet.

Way back when I wrote my review of the first episode, I mentioned that the show didn’t do anything that really left an impression on me – positive or negative. Now that it’s done, the question becomes, was the show able to become memorable either in the good or bad sense or would it continue to be easily forgettable?

Final Series Score: 7/12 B 6/12 B-, Was too nice originally
Rewatchablity: low
Pros: background music was above average, didn’t really do anything wrong, love a show that still uses eye-catches
Cons: every aspect except the background music was bland and average

Awards given to Yozakura Quartet by this blog

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The story is set in a town where humans and supernatural beings (who mostly look like humans) live together. The group in charge of the town’s safety is made up of super-powered beings and one human that has the power to send any supernatural being to the spirit realm by ‘tuning’ him or her. It’s a relaxed life for this team since nothing much happens but that’ll change when a friend of the group returns, possessed by a spirit still angry about being sent to the spirit realm hundreds of years ago.



Thoughts and impressions

Sadly, this show was generic and bland but in the show’s defense it was always at least mildly enjoyable. If it had been painful or awful, I would have dropped it but it never gave me a strong enough reason to do so.

The super-powered teenagers that save the city motif is well-trodden territory and as a result, it’s exceedingly rare to find a show that does something genuinely new. To praise only those shows that somehow do something new is to disregard many great shows that are executed well. Therefore, when I say this show is generic and bland, I’m talking about how well it was executed and if it used all available resources. For instance, one character of this show can make things appear out of thin air. This power can be used in so many ways in battle but she uses it just to create walls, staffs and other simple weapons, guns, grenades and really big guns. I kept waiting to see her do something truly interesting with this power but she never does.

Another example was how the show used a ‘deus ex machina’ to resolve the ending. The leader of our super-powered group uses a spear as her weapon and during the episodes leading up to the final showdown, it was shown that she wasn’t strong enough to win. So in the final episode, one of the elders of the village gave her a super-duper awesome spear point, that he stored in a messy dresser drawer, and it was much more powerful then the one she used and she was able to beat the bad guy.

So, I can’t really recommend this show since there’s much better shows of this type; Soul Eater, for example.



Essential Information

3 thoughts on “Yozakura Quartet Series Review”

  1. I like the format of your reviews 🙂 You highlight important information and give your impressions to let your readers see why you liked or disliked the show. Also it is nice to see links to the director and seiyu, but it might be also useful to provide a link to ANN or Wiki article about the anime in case readers have further interest in the show 🙂


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