Kemeko DX Series Review


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Going into the fall season I had high hopes that Kemeko DX would be a winner especially since I wanted a few series to balance the sad and dark shows that were prevalent this season. It turned out to be the best pure comedy show of season, but was that enough to make it a hit?

Final Series Score: 7/12 B
Rewatchablity: low
Pros: the few fight scenes were done well, when it’s funny – it was funny, sometimes odd in a good way
Cons: Sometimes odd in a bad way, storyline was overly complex and hindered the comedy, character development was nonexistent


Awards given to Kemeko DX by this blog

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10 years ago Sanpieta was given a glowing green ball to eat by his childhood friend (and first love) before she moved away. Fast forward ten years and Sanpieta is a normal high school student. Well maybe not normal, his new childhood friend, Izumi, has proportions that would make Barbie feel flat and she mothers Sanpieta to death. His life is forever changed when a squat woman wearing a wedding dress shows up in Sanpieta’s room fighting robots and declaring herself Sanpieta’s bride. Of course he doesn’t like the sound of this but the squat, kinda unattractive, woman is actually a mech named Kemeko and the woman piloting this mech looks very similar to the girl in Sanpieta’s picture of his first love. With the possibility of M.M., the pilot of Kemeko, being his first love – he allows Kemeko to stay even though Kemeko has many enemies and is rather odd.


Thoughts and impressions

If I have to sum up the entire show in two words it would be: wasted potential. Which is a disappointment because I love the oddly premised comedies that show up in anime so often.

The storyline is this show’s biggest weakness. For starters, it’s paced as if the show was going to run at least 26 episodes but the show ended at 12. As a result, many of the characters that are introduced have no apparent reason to exist. Also, we only get a few answers to the questions that the show presents which is rather unsatisifying for this type of show – this isn’t some sort of slice-of-life show or artsy series that the viewer is asked to draw their own conclusion. Either the storyline should have been deemphasized or the series should have went 26 episodes or the pacing should have sped up so more of the story could have been shown.

Maybe I wouldn’t have been so disappointed if the show had totally stunk; instead, each episode would make me laugh a couple of times and I’d be left wanting more. One of the best laughs I got across all shows this season was how “Ode to Joy” is used in episode 4 – Beethoven’s probably rolling in his grave.

My opinion of this show could improve if there is a second season done in the future – they hinted at doing one at the end – because the story might be explained further and we might get to like the characters more.

Needed more of this
Closing was really odd – I never did decide if I liked it or not

Essential Information

If you like fanservice, your opinion of the show would probably be higher
If you like fanservice, your opinion of the show would probably be higher




2 thoughts on “Kemeko DX Series Review”

  1. I think it was mainly crap.. indeed it made me laugh a few times, but as you said there was some lost potential, and the constant beating of Sanpeita becomes really annoying at some point.
    I was also expecting more of this show, and don’t think they’ll be doing a second season, cuz they ranked really low and the budget will probably be nonexistent.
    So it’s to be watched only if you’ve seen everything else there was to be seen..


  2. this show is all crap, it’s funny but not very there are better show out there worth watching. kemeko chibi robot voice is annoying, it killed my interest to just watching. not much logic in the story.

    to conclude, watch something else this is not good enough even to be entertaining.


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