Soul Eater Wallpaper 3


I was looking at my computer desktop last night and realized I needed something new. After looking around at what I had on hand, I ended making more Soul Eater wallpapers. For some reason, it’s easy to find lots of nice artwork from that show.

If you’ve looked at my other wallpaper, you’ll notice that I try to keep them relatively simple so that it’s still possible to use the desktop. After testing out the 1280 x 1024 ones on my own computer, I work on making the other 2 sizes and try to get them all to look similar.

1280 x 1024

soul_eater03_1280 soul_eater04_1280

soul_eater05_1280 soul_eater06_1280

1600 x 1200

soul_eater03_1600 soul_eater04_1600

soul_eater05_1600 soul_eater06_1600

1920 x 1200

soul_eater03_1920 soul_eater04_1920

soul_eater05_1920 soul_eater06_1920

2 thoughts on “Soul Eater Wallpaper 3”

  1. our main characters are “omai no tamashi itadakiyo!!”-ing somewhere at the end of the world ?
    Wow, nice ‘______’


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