Blog Updates and Poll Question – What’s Your Monitor’s Resolution?


Firstly, I’m considering tweaking the layout to this site. I like the layout a lot as is but I think the area where the posts are is too narrow – currently the width is about 450 pixels. I’d like to bump that up to around maybe 600 pixels in width and also I’d like to widen my sidebars a bit but that would make people that use 1024 x 768 monitors have to scroll to see the whole site. I don’t want to alienate anyone with the layout but maybe I don’t need to worry – hence, the poll question.

Picture from NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity

I’ve updated my anime blog roll a bit. All the sites listed are personal favorites that I visit frequently and not just sites that I’ve traded links with. If you read anime blogs and are unfamiliar with any of those sites, I recommend checking them out.

You’ll also notice at the bottom of the left sidebar the picture below.


For every correct answer, 20 grains of rices are donated to help end world hunger.

After seeing this on Kitsune’s blog and also in a signature in the animesuki forums; I decided to check this site out. I didn’t quite believe that by answering an easy multi-choice question in categories like English vocabulary, world geography, or pre-Algebra math that I could really get 20 grains of rice donated to help end world hunger. I saw that it was listed as one of Time’s top charitable websites last year and was also cited by Yahoo’s website but I still thought it was too good to be believed. However, after coming across a blog that was against this website – I was convinced because nothing good in this world is without it’s detractors. The questions aren’t hard and it doesn’t take too long for those 20 grains to add up. If I work at it, after 15 minutes I can get to around 4000 grains of rice donated.


6 thoughts on “Blog Updates and Poll Question – What’s Your Monitor’s Resolution?”

  1. Agreed on the Google Analytics count, although polling never hurts because generally only more involved readers take the time to respond to a poll.

    At any rate, I think the width of the content area is fine, and that’s coming from somebody with a really really big set of monitors. If anything, though, I’d say lose one of the sidebars before widening the overall width. The majority of it is stuff I don’t care about, or information I could find situationally useful that would probably be better off as, say, a top menu selection.


  2. Because this is a blog, I can’t do Google Analytics. 😦

    I have an invisible counter on the right sidebar that could give me the information I need but because javascript isn’t allowed – it can’t gather this information.


  3. Hm, well, for my desktop, I use 2560×1024 (dual monitors), but I voted 1280×1024 because I keep my browser on one page (and often don’t use it maximized). On my laptop, I use 1280×800.


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