I Want Yotsuba Anime and It’s Totally Do-able


I was just reading on animenewsnetwork.com about supposed rumors about why there hasn’t been a Yotsuba anime series yet. You can read the entire thing over but what I wanted to comment on was Yotsuba’s creator, Kiyohiko Azuma, statement that a Yotsuba anime would be hard to do since it has “idiosyncratic storytelling”.

I can think of two different animation houses that have the ability to handle the anime adaptation. The first is Hal Film Maker. With Aria, Skectchbook and Somedays Dreamer’s Season 2 under their belts they’ve shown they can handle making the slow pacing of a slice-of-life show interesting. The other would be Brains Base. They’ve shown in Kamichu and Natsume’s Book of Friends that they can handle slice-of-life shows and infusing the characters with warmth so that you can’t help but love them. Either would make good picks.

4 thoughts on “I Want Yotsuba Anime and It’s Totally Do-able”

  1. I read a translation of Azuma’s actual post. He implies that the main reason that there isn’t going to be a Yotsubato! anime anytime soon is because he doesn’t want there to be one. Right now, anyway. As a manga-ka, his primary interest is (oddly enough) the Yotsubato! manga. An anime based on Yotsubato! is a low priority for him.


  2. I hate to admit that I’ve never seen Hidamari Sketch and I don’t think Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is a good comparison so I’ll take your word about SHAFT.


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