Anime Investigative Reports – What Are You Thankful For?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year on Thanksgiving, about the time my stomach is urgently signaling me to please stop eating, I think to myself that Thanksgiving was one of the most ingenious holidays created. It’s hard not to be thankful when you’re eating turkey with your family, eyeing the apple pie, and figuring which couch or chair you plan on crashing on afterwards.

I’m thankful for all the standard stuff most people are but this year I’m also thankful for all the people that have come by this blog, since it’s founding in January, to read and comment. I still can’t quite believe that I’ve had over 70,000 hits in less then a year.

To commemorate the holiday, I thought it would be a good idea for the first of my Anime Investigative Reports to find out what anime characters are thankful for. So I sent out reporters to ask: What are you thankful for?


Look for more Anime Investigative Reports in the future, you never know what we’ll discover.


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