Clannad Wallpaper


First off, just a note that because I spent so long writing up my influential anime list, I didn’t get to my weekly anime review post and since today is now thursday, I’m going to just do a bi-weekly one and hopefully post it on Sunday or Monday.

So instead of rushing the weekly review post, I decided to make a few quick Clannad wallpapers, mainly just cropping large pics down into convenient wallpaper size.

I was having trouble getting a gradient not to appear liney as a jpg and it came out better as a png so I have one png file amongst jpg files, not that it really matters.


clannad01a_1280 clannad01b_1280 clannad02_12801

clannad03_1280 clannad04_1280 clannad05_1280


clannad01a_1600 clannad01b_1600 clannad02_1600

clannad03_1600clannad04_1600 clannad05_1600


clannad01_1920 clannad02a_1920 clannad02b_1920

clannad03_1920 clannad04_1920 clannad05_1920

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