FLCL Series Review


The final series review I’m doing right now is for the Gainax classic – FLCL. This was one of the few animes that I first saw in English and then in Japanese but probably is the only anime that I enjoy either version just as much.

Final Series Score: 12/12
Rewatchablity: high
Pros: Crazy chaos done right, the music and songs are so awesomely perfect by themselves and as compliments to the action of the show, very original characters, action scenes are breathtakingly cool, animation still rivals the best out there and is one of the best examples of Gainax’s approach to animation, can be watched over and over again
Cons: it’s only 6 episodes long, the plot doesn’t really become apparent till the end and that might bother some



Naota aka Takkun is your average sixth grade student living in a small town where nothing ever happens. Of course, whenever an anime starts off with this premise – you can be assured that lots of stuff will happen before the end and this show is the same. The ingredients are all there to ensure this: a robot factory has just recently opened up in town, he hangs out with his older brother’s ex-girlfriend, his father runs a bakery, and his brain is perfect as an inter-dimensional portal.



Thoughts and impressions

At it’s core, this show is a very simple one; it’s a coming-of-age story about Takkun who has always lived in the shadow of his older brother. This fact is easily forgotten because the rest of the show is full-on crazy chaos from the word go. And what glorious chaos it is. I’ve watched this countless times and sometimes I still feel that I’ve missed things in the show.

Whenever I finish watching FLCL, I always wish that Gainax had done more in the FLCL universe but I always reluctantly realize that the chances are astronomically small of them being able to do a second series that could approach the quality of the first. Then again, though, Gurren Lagann proves that they still have the ability to create masterpieces so maybe they could harness their spiral energy and put out an awesome second FLCL series.

It’s hard to gush praise at a show without spoiling the show so I’ll just stop here and say that if you haven’t seen this series yet, you have been missing one of the best animes ever made.



Essential Information

  • 6 episode OVA
  • genre: action, comedy, SF
  • animation studio: Gainax
  • director: Kazuya Tsurumaki
  • OP: Various
  • ED: “Ride on Shooting Star” by The Pillows
  • Seiyuus of note: Jun Mizuki, Mayumi Shintani

5 thoughts on “FLCL Series Review”

  1. Or scrub that advice and just keep giving everything you review perfect twelves, whatever floats your boat. One person that’s easily pleased versus an army that is unpleasable….meh…..I don’t know seems alright in the long run.


  2. @Kaioshin Sama: Maybe he/she (sorry, don’t know!) just likes everything a lot. I dunno, my scores on MAL tend to be inflated too because I do actually love most of what I watch and don’t care for most of its flaws.


  3. @Kaioshin Sama: thanks for the comments. All three of these shows are ones that I’ve seen already and love. I’m not going to spend the time rewatching anime that’s not worth it so, of course, the scores are going to skew towards perfect. And I’m only going to write series reviews if I have recently watched them so you won’t being seeing, for example, a review of Full Metal Alchemist because I don’t plan on rewatching it anytime soon.
    There’s plenty of shows I don’t like, I just don’t finish the series to write a review. For example, from the current fall season I’ve watched and have already dropped Akane-iro no Somaru Saka and Tales of the Abyss with Hyakko being on the edge.
    I can watch something like Kaiba and Maid Guy back-to-back and enjoy each for the type of show they are. I don’t want to see Maid Guy-esque humor in Kaiba and I don’t want Kaiba-esque deep thinking in Maid Guy. And when I rate either, I’m not going to use the standards of some other type of show to do so.


  4. Well the anime community honestly needs more folks with the desire to watch and talk about shows they like as opposed to watching and complaining about shows they clearly don’t. There’s far to much cynism going around these days and it just isn’t worth it. A positive attitude never hurts……


  5. фури кури рулит
    FLCL ето одна из любимейших моих аниме
    спасибо за класные картинки и информафию


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