Maid Guy Series Review

Can one person/character carry a show? The answer is normally no but the possibility exists – look at the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, as an example. I mention this because the series that’s being reviewed, Maid Guy, is reliant on how well one character can shoulder the burden of making this a good show.

Final Series Score: 9/12 A-
Rewatchablity: low-med
Pros: Kogarashi aka Maid Guy
Cons: lackluster animation, comedy becomes repetitive and boring, enjoyment hinges exclusively on when Kogarashi is on screen

Awards given to this show by this blog

  • Best Male Character for Spring 2008
  • Best Ability/Power of Spring 2008 – Kogarashi
  • Best Male Seiyuu of Spring 2008 for Rikiya Koyama (Kogarashi)
  • #2 Top Anime of Spring 2008


A teenage brother and sister are the only direct relatives left of a super-super wealthy businessman because members of the family keep dieing, presumably so someone becomes the heir to the fortune. The elderly businessman decides to hire two bodyguards / maids to protect the brother and sister until the elder sister can inherit the money in half a year. Maid Guy has many special powers that will be called upon to protect the two, including the ability to control flocks of crows, the ability to plug a printer’s USB into his ear and print anything his mind imagines, flight, x-ray vision, and unbreakable hair to name but a few.

Thoughts and impressions

Kogarashi is almost awesome enough to carry the entire show on his shoulders. He truly is like a force of nature that transcends being a mere mortal. If this show was given to more capable hands, I might me gushing how this was the best comedy of 2008. Instead, I can’t help but feel this was a near-miss by the people at Madhouse.

And that’s about all I have to say about this title. If you haven’t seen it already and don’t mind fanservice too much then definitely catch a couple of episodes just too see Maid Guy in action.

Essential Information

  • 12 episodes
  • genre:Comedy, Fanservice
  • animation studio: Madhouse
  • director: Masayuki Sakoi
  • OP: “Special Life!” by KOTOKO
  • ED: “Wakugai!!” by Yoshiki Fukuyama
  • Seiyuus of note: Rikiya Koyama, Yuka Iguchi, Megumi Toyoguchi

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