Fall Anime Impressions – Michiko to Hatchin

I’m pretty sure these two fall anime impressions will be the last two that I will do because I think that I’ve pretty much exhausted my choices (excepting sequels to shows that I haven’t seen yet). If you remember, I was looking forward to this show because it was coming from Manglobe, who was the makers of the stylish Samurai Champloo.

Rating: 6/12 B-

Well, that was definitely underwhelming.

We are first introduced to a woman in the middle of breaking out of a super-max prisonThe talk of it being inescapable prove false when she gets away with the help of a windmill. Next we are introduced to an orphan that lives in the house of a married priest. It’s not out of kindness that she lives there but because the family can collect welfare for her and keep it for themselves. The prisoner, now on-the-lamb, goes looking for the orphan because she is supposed to be the prisoner’s daughter (or more likely, the girl knows something that’s worth finding her for). The pair meet up and the child decides to go with the prisoner to escape the abusive household.

On the plus side, it appears that the anime will have a funky styling that will remind us of Samurai Champloo while being different. Also in it’s favor is the setting of the show, Mexico, because it’s different from standard shows. On the flip side, outside of establishing the girl lives a very unpleasant life and the female prisoner is tough, nothing much was done in the first episode and that doesn’t give me a big incentive to watch the next episode. I realize that quite possibly there’s a bigger story that they don’t want to spill right now but there have been a few shows this season like Ga-Rei Zero, Kurozuka, Mouryou no Hako that have left me wondering what to expect and really impressed me at the same time. I’ll give this one at least a few episodes more before deciding to keep or not.


2 thoughts on “Fall Anime Impressions – Michiko to Hatchin”

  1. Wha? You didn’t even finish watching it and you rated it? Wow. Well I watched it all and it was like Cowboy Bebop and Blue Lagoon for me. It was a very well done show. Ocasionally the whining of Hatchin was annoying, and the finale ended w about 2 minutes of explanation of what happened 12 to 15 years in future, but give me a break, it was a very well done anime.
    I’d give it very high ratings. It takes more than one episode for the story to develop, so whatever.


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