Fall Anime Impressions – Meta Post

Since my fall anime impressions were spread out over the past few weeks I thought it would be a good idea to combine the scores all in on place (and sort by their score) and link back to the individual entries so in case you missed one you could find it easier. Plus give any final thoughts on the beginning of the fall season.

Episode 1 ratings

To Aru Majutsu no Index, 12+/12

Clannad S.2, 12/12
Kurozuka, 12/12
Shikabane Hime: Aka, 12/12

Chaos;Head, 11/12 A+
Skip Beat, 11/12 A+
Mouryou no Hako, 11/12 A+

Toradora!, 10/12 A
Kemeko DX, 10/12 A

Ga-Rei Zero, 9/12 A-
Hakushaku to Yousei, 9/12 A-

Hyakko, 8/12 B+
Yozakura Quartet, 8/12 B+

Kannagi, 7/12 B

Michiko to Hatchin, 6/12 B-

Akane-iro no Somaru Saka, 5/12 C+

Tales of the Abyss, 04/12 C

This appears to be a rather strong season of anime. If I’m counting this right, that’s a total of 17 shows that I’ve watched the first episode for and so far I’ve only dropped the bottom two. That leaves me with roughly double the maximum number of shows that I want to watch at one time but I think it’ll be impossible to trim more then a few without losing good shows. And since I don’t want to do that, I’ll try to be that idiot that watches to many shows at one time.

Probably the biggest surprise is J.C. Staff’s pair of shows being awesome. I’m a big J.C. Staff fan, don’t get me wrong, but they haven’t exactly been hitting many homeruns lately. If these shows signal a resurgence for them, I hope they get to another season of Shana soon. The Shana series shows flashes of brilliance and when it does, it’s hard to beat it.

I think one of the reasons that I’ve been enjoying the second season of Clannad so much is because I know that Tomoya and Nagisa are a couple and we can really focus on the story now. I wonder when we’ll find out what KyoAni plans to do next. I’d bet it’ll be Haruhi season 2.

It’s a little early to start thinking of my seasonal awards but I can’t help but mention one show’s effort in earning an award. Ga-Rei Zero has impressed me with it’s sheer number of killed characters that seem like real characters, and not just nobodies, that I feel that it has to deserve some sort of award. I’m not sure what yet.

And finally, I wanted to mention that when I started this blog, I shrunk every picture down to a width of 450 pixels to fit inside the column width but starting right before this fall season, I realized that I could upload a full-size screenshot and let wordpress autoshrink it down to the column width but when it’s clicked – the full size version would show up in a separate window. Therefore, in any of these impressions, if you want to see a full-size version of the screenshot, it’s available by clicking on it.


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