Fall Anime Impressions – Kurozuka

We also get treated to some Noh theater in this episode

Let’s continue with another batch of fall anime impressions and the first will be Madhouse’s Kurozuka. The only I knew about this show was that it involved a thousand year old swordsman so I was pretty much a tabula rasa with this one.

Rating: 12/12

Once again my curiosity in a title has seemingly paid off this season – this was an awesome show from start to end. It literally had everything that you’d want in a serious action anime show.

Our story starts with two men, one being the brother of the shogun, fleeing trouble in the form of armed warriors. The pair is pretty sure that these warriors are not from the shogun, even though the shogun wants his brother dead, because these warriors are not actually human. After fending off the latest attack they come upon a house set on a hill deep in the forest and the lady of the house allows them to stay. She tells the two of them that they can stay as long as they’d like, on one condition – that neither of them goes to the back room and look inside. The friend goes off to the local town for medicine, leaving the injured brother under the care of the lady. We know that whenever someone says not to do something then someone will go and do it and this time it’s no different. To the show’s credit, even though I knew we’d probably see something disturbing, I was still disturbed (in a good way).

Like I said earlier, this show had everything. The beautiful, lush animation was used to it’s fullest in this episode – helping the already well-done fight scenes look even more impressive as well as heightening the suspense that was felt throughout the show. The animators also did a good job teasing us with scenes of the modern day before shifting the show back a thousand years; I’m very interested in why he’s in a city that looks like it’s nearly destroyed as well as how the story connects the two.

Here’s the friend, I wonder if we’ll see him alive again?

One thought on “Fall Anime Impressions – Kurozuka”

  1. with all that contradictory reviews…. Kurozuka definately an anime to watch!! I’ll let you know.. thanks


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