Fall Anime Impressions – Kemeko DX

Continuing with more fall anime impressions, it’s time to check out one of the comedies of the season Kemeko DX. This one had me interested because Jason of DbD raved about the manga earlier this year and Hal Film Makers are the animators behind this show, known for great slice-of-life shows like Aria, Sketchbook, and Seasons Dreamer’s season 2. Will success in one field translate into success in another genre?

Rating: 10/12 A

If episode one is any indication, this could be a very funny comedy or it could quickly devolve into a boring mess of a show.

The story goes like this: our main character – Sanpeita – is a seemingly well-adjusted high school student except that he still pines for his first love from 10 years ago. She had to move away and all he has is a picture to remember her by. One day a group of large mechs break into his room but they are stopped by a rather homely girl (actually a woman piloting a mech that looks like a short, rotund girl). The mechgirl declares that she is here to marry Sanpeita but he escapes to school. Of course the mechgirl won’t take no for an answer and shows up at school. This puts Sanpeita in a bind but luckily she’s there because a giant rice cooker robot shows up looking for trouble. Mechgirl saves the school but is injured in the process. Various other things happen to finish up the episode but I think you get the idea.

Girl on the left pilots the mech above (yes the mech is half her size)

One of the strongest vibes this show gives off in the first episode is FLCL. For example: there’s the strange company that opened up in town recently, a strange woman that shows up that sees this company as the enemy, Sanpeita has some sort of weird power that makes his forehead glow green. Even the giant rice cooker robot looked like it walked out of FLCL. This isn’t a problem as far as I’m concerned; I’ve always wanted more FLCL and I welcome any show that can pull off that type of comedy but I wonder how long they can keep this type of show up.

Since I made such a big deal of the anime-added fanservice in Kannagi, I should talk about this shows use of fanservice. To put it bluntly there’s a lot here. In this show’s case, however, I’m okay with that because it fits with the type of show Kemeko DX is. Shows like this one or Maid Guy, Sumomo, and Magical Pokan use fan service to add to the comedy of the show and as long as the makers remember to keep the show funny – the show remains an entertaining show.

Looking at the season as a whole, their isn’t a lot of comedy or slice-of-life shows, many seem dark (like the next show I’m reviewing) and I will need a decent comedy as balance so if the show can remain funny and not become stale then I’ll continue watching.


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