Fall Anime Impressions – Chaos;Head

The horror genre isn’t one of my more favorite genres. I like the occasional psychological suspense title but anything that’s considered a gore-fest I steer clear of. This show was billed as a psychological suspense so I had to give it a go.

Rating: 11/12 A+

Takki, our obsessed anime otaku, lives by himself in a shipping container on a roof. He only has a hazy hold on reality as shown by his propensity to hallucinate events that are common occurrences in eroge games as actually going on in real life. For example, he thinks he sees his sister take a drink of cola from a bottle he’s already drunk from but in reality, she’s poured the cola into a cup.

Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be much of a problem but a string of disturbing murders and suicides are occurring in the area around where Takki lives. He even stumbles upon the person that appears to be responsible in the midst of killing another victim but he runs home thinking that he’s hallucinating because the scene matches a picture he saw the day before.

She’s totally not really there

All-in-all this was a very good first episode. While I was watching this episode I was reminded of Higurashi in that this show seems to be trying to mix horror with another genre. In Higurashi’s case it was horror and a school comedy and in Chaos;Head’s case it appears to be horror with a harem show. The harem elements felt very clichéd and at odds with the horror but I’m wondering if they’re supposed to. As viewers we’ll have to remember that the show is being filtered (so far) through Takki’s eyes and as an unreliable narrator it will make actually determining what’s really going on difficult.

I really liked the first episode and hope the series turns out to be the great psychological suspense show that it looks like it’s capable of being.


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