Fall Anime Impressions – To Aru Majutsu no Index

Holy melonpan Batman! I think we have a winner.

Rating: 12+/12

After being pleasantly surprised at how good J.C. Staff’s other new fall show – ToraDora! – was, I don’t hold much hope for this show. Statistically speaking what were the chances that they could do 2 good shows at once? Ever the optimist, I popped this one in and To Aru Majutisu no Index proved me wrong. This episode had it all and was full of awesomeness.

The first thing that was apparent was that the production values where probably the highest I’ve seen for a J.C. Staff show outside of Shana. The animation was wonderful and the special effect touches like the lightning were jaw-dropping. You’ll notice I’ll use the word Shana-esque a lot to describe this show – I can’t think of a word that works better. To go along with the quality animation was the action scenes that where exciting and heck, even the city was impressive to look at.

The next thing that spoke of how awesome this episode was the music. I normally don’t really notice the music outside of the OP/ED unless it’s distinctive and good and it was both here. They used bits of the opening song along with other pieces that really complimented what was going on in the show. Also, I was particularly jazzed that we got an upbeat-techno opening song by Mami Kawada.

Animation and music can take a show only so far, for a show to be successful we normally need good characters and a decent plot. At this point I can only speak about the first episode but it appears that we have both.

Character-wise we are introduced to our main character Kamijou Tohma, voiced by Xam’d’s Akiyuki, whose right hand can nullify any sort of psychic ability or special power. This works great in battle but it continues to work outside of battle which is a pain since it nullifies his own good luck, hence the stepping on his debit card and cell phone and accidentally dumping a plate of food into the sink during this episode. We are also introduced to a nun named Index because she has 103,000 prohibited books of magic locked away somewhere (I’m guessing in her mind). She’s on the run from a group that wants the prohibited magic books. Also introduced is Misaka Mikoto, a combative middle-schooler that likes to create railguns and lightning blasts (voiced by Minami-ke’s Haruka-neesama) and Tohma’s teacher, who is apparently only 5 years old.

Don’t make your teacher cry

The plot so far is very interesting and makes me want to see more of the show. There’s so much they can do with people that are psychically-augmented through science and the existence of magic. If this show can avoid the pitfalls that Shana fell into, I was about ready to shoot the next character that decided they liked Yuuji, I think this has the chance of being better then Shana even when Shana’s at the top of it’s game.

So if your looking for an good-looking, action packed show that even takes the time to make you laugh, check out To Aru Majutisu no Index.

Running from bad guys makes a person hungry


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