Fall Anime Impressions – Tales of the Abyss

Alas, he doesn't have any cabbage
Alas, he doesn’t have any cabbage

My first unplanned anime title of the season. I have a younger brother who’s re-re-replaying Tales of the Abyss right now and I thought he might enjoy watching the anime. Since he’s only twelve, I wanted to watch a couple of episodes to make sure nothing would be objectionable if he was to watch.

Rating: 4/12 C

That was a chore to get through – the things I do for my little brother. In the end I decided not to even mention the existence of this anime to him, his time is better spent elsewhere.

The show starts off on the wrong foot with at least two minutes devoted to introducing the world. Don’t they realize almost the entire audience for this show is made up of people that has already played the game and don’t need an introduction? Then there’s the storytelling principle of showing and not telling. It’s better to show the reader/listener what’s going on instead of just telling what’s happening. Sometimes a narration is necessary but that wasn’t the case here.

what's her name from Hyakko can jump out of the second story
In Hyakko, they can jump out of the second story window

Merely saying this first episode was blandly generic doesn’t do this show justice. Towards the end of the episode when our “hero” faced a group of animals, I was seriously wishing that the animals would win just for something expected to happen.

I’ll stop here, I’m sure this is someone’s cup of tea – just look at the dozen or so groups that are subbing this – but it’s not mine. Personally, the next time they make an anime adaptation of a video game, I’m hoping for Katamari Damacy done by either Shaft or Gainax.

Never a good idea to interrupt a couple when there fighting 🙂
I found the maid and gardener the most interesting characters of the episode
I found the maids and gardener to be the most interesting characters of the episode

2 thoughts on “Fall Anime Impressions – Tales of the Abyss”

  1. In my view, I thought Luke was given a cocky and annoying personality. That just made the anime crappier. Really, in their travels he always says the same thing, “I’m the ambassador. I should get to decide!” And he’s always loud and ignorant. Tales of the Abyss anime could have been better if he was given a more serious personality. Also, the sword fighting could have been better, by adding the moves that were done in the game.


  2. I started watching the anime, becouse I’ve heard it was alot like “Scrapped Princess”. Havent even played the game.
    Im not that picky when it comes to anime but…
    Cant help myself, when I always find things that I would have changed.
    Stopped watching it, crap.


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