Fall Anime Impressions – Kannagi

Time for more anime impressions. This time it’s Kannagi, one of the titles I was particularly looking forward too. This show had the distinction of being the only one of the season that I was familiar with the source material. Will that help or hinder the anime adaptation in my mind?

Rating: 7/12 B

The answer is, at least for now, that knowledge of the source material is a hindrance.

It’s not because the anime changed the manga around because they remained pretty faithful to it. The hindrance comes from being able to compare the anime to the manga and see the differences. If you remember the director of this show -Yutaka Yamamoto -is the same person that, as director, was removed by Kyoto Animation after the fourth episode of Lucky Star. I really feel for him, it must of hurt badly to have something like that happen. Therefore, as his first project after Lucky Star I’m rooting for this show to work out but I’m troubled with the amount of fan-service that got added to this episode.

In the manga, when Jin turned on the tv, it was already on the magic girl show and not on the (what I’m guessing) Victoria Secret’s commercial. Also, there was no scene where Jin gets an eyeful of Kannagi’s unmentionables in the laundry basket or where he goes to the store and buys Kannagi a spare set of clothes, undies and all. Then there’s the scene where Jin answers the phone. In the manga he’s fully clothed, and the joke is that he mentions the reason why he wasn’t in school was because his art project is ugly and is trying to fix it. Nagi is right there and takes offense and puts Jin in a headlock. In the anime, the joke was that the phone call was right when he was bathing and thus had to answer it with only a small towel partially covering his nudeness.

I’m not against fan-service in all cases; there is a time and place for everything. However, the time spent on needless fan-service is much better spent on getting us to like the characters more, especially for the first episode when I’m deciding if the story and characters are good enough that it’s worth sticking around.

On the other hand, the animation was top-notch. A-1 Animation even did a pretty credible imitation of KyoAni’s sun beams through leaves as seen during the Tomayo OVA. The opening was different in a good way, but that can be expected from the guy that gave us the Lucky Star opening and the Haruhi dance. I’ve still have hope that this series will turn out to be a good one but the clock is now ticking.

Yeah for good openings


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