Fall Anime Impressions – Clannad Season 2

Next up is one of the most anticipated shows of the fall season – Clannad season 2. The first season was partly my favorite KyoAni/Key show yet and partly my least favorite KyoAni/Key show. At the end of season 1, I was less then totally thrilled that Kyoto Animation was going to be doing the second season next (and pushing back the second season Haruhi further) but my interest in the show ratcheted up a few notches after the Tomayo OVA.

Rating: 12/12 Perfect

KyoAni’s choice to start this season with a baseball game was the perfect choice. Not only did this episode provide us with a means to reintroduce all the characters again but it was useful in cleansing our palates – the Tomoyo OVA, while awesome, messed the Nagisa/Tomoya pairing in my mind. Also, since this is a Key adaptation, I know the tissues will be needed in the future so anytime we can get a light-hearted happy episode – I’m a happy anime watcher.

Sunohara to bat
He apologizes for the double-play

There’s not much more I can add at this point except to say thatthe animation looks the same as the first season – gorgeous, I think I like the OP a bit more this time, I miss the Dango ED and Sunohara continues to be one of the better reasons to watch this show. Now if only I had AMV-skills, I’d create a Haruhi/Clannad baseball AMV.

Kotomi up to bat

A hit is a hit
Best line after hitting a grand slam – “Sorry. I made us lose the ball.”
Why didn’t Tomoya show her how to swing?


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