Fall Anime Impressions – Hyakko

Yeah, the new season of anime is here. First up on my plate is the slapstick, slice-of-life, school comedy Hyakko.

Rating: 8/12 B+

Truthfully, this show didn’t wow like I was hopeing but I’m also fairly confident that this will become a show I like a lot. My confidence stems from the fact that this show’s first episode reminded me of Lucky Star’s first episode in a couple of ways.

The first is that Lucky Star spent, what felt like, almost the entire episode talking about how you eat a choco-coronet. This seemingly pointless conversation is, in hindsight, actually a rather good introduction to the four main characters and how they interact together- we just didn’t know it at the time. This first episode of Hyakko featured our four main characters spending almost the entire time trying to find their classroom at the super huge private school they attend. It seems pointless but I have a strong hunch that in the future we will be able to look back and see that this was a good introduction to the main characters.

The other way it reminds me of Lucky Star is that at the end of both first episodes, I had a very similar feeling of not really knowing if I liked what I just saw. In both cases, it was obvious that the show wasn’t a lemon but at the same, it was not obvious that the show was good. In Hyakko’s case, I can point to scenes I enjoyed like when the four main characters walked through the elementary school classroom or when they got chewed out by their teacher, I can report that the animation was above average, that the OP/ED (even with what’s probably temporary animation) is okay, and there wasn’t anything I could point to that I didn’t like but I still don’t know if I really liked it.

To sum it all up – I don’t know if this one’s a keeper or not but it looks like it has a chance to be a solid show so I’m going to watch another 4 or so episodes to make my mind up.

They’re so lost they walked through the school on Somedays Dreamer’s S.2
Chibis, reason #17 to like an anime


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