Pretty vacation pics/wallpaper

My family and I took a little vacation this past weekend to Lake Erie and if I had to sum up the experience in one word it would be – awesome. We’ve been to the lake before, over the last dozen or so years we have often gone to the beach at Presque Isle in Pennsylvania, but spending 3 whole days so near to it was great. While there I had the chance to take a bunch of nice pictures and being the sharing type, I’m going to post a few of my favorites in convenient wallpaper sizes.

You’ll notice in the pictures that the beach wasn’t a sandy beach, which was one of few disappointments of our time there. I’ve looked through older pictures of the site and saw that sometime last winter the sandy beach that was there was pretty much washed away, leaving the stony beach that’s there now. The stones were pretty in their own right, I loved to listen to the weird gurgling noises the water would make as it washed over the stones but it was very difficult to walk on them so we didn’t get any swimming in. This first batch is all 1280×1024 in size.

This batch is all 1600×1200.

And lastly, 1920×1200.


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