Weekly Anime Review (Sept 21 – Sept 27)

I took a weekend vacation so I didn’t get to all the anime that I could have for the week. The vacation was very awesome and well worth the interruption to anime watching. Expect a post soon with some pictures I took while there (the sunset was breathtaking there).

The scores:

Zero’s Familiar S.3, episode 12 – 11/12 A+

Ryoko’s Case Files, episode 11 – 12+/12

Birdy the Mighty Decode, episode 12 – 12++/12

Xam’D: Lost Memories, episode 10 – 11/12 A+
Xam’D: Lost Memories, episode 11 – 12/12

Soul Eater, episode 24 – 12++/12

Thoughts and Highlights

  • I’ve posted my thoughts on the third season of Zero’s Familiar already. If this episode had flummoxed the ending, I probably would have docked the show a point or two in the end. That wasn’t the case, though, it was a pretty decent final episode and keeps the series open to another season. I’d really like to see an actual end to the series so lets hope the next season will be it.
  • Birdy was simply stupendous this week and was the best episode of the week. I’m so glad this is getting a second season, though I am kinda curious how they will contrive for agent Birdy to stay on earth once the current case is done.
  • Ryoko’s Case Files was excellent this week as well. This multi-episode current arc that we’re on really makes the show a more compelling one.
  • Xam’d continues to develop into a great show. The characters, side and main alike, continue to be developed well.
  • And finally, the events of this episode of Soul Eater play out how I thought they would. I didn’t actually believe that Medusa or the Demon God would die this episode – call it, shounen-skepticism. Does anyone else like the frog witch? For some reason, I want her to become a good witch and was actually worried that she’d get killed this week


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