Zero’s Familiar Season 3 Series Review

It’s tIme to wrap up the third season of Zero’s Familiar.

Final Series Score: 8/12 B+
Rewatchablity: very low
Pros: tsundere Rie Kugimiya, they didn’t make the mistake of the second season by injecting a stupid plot into the show, Louise and Saito relationship is still enjoyable to watch
Cons: generic, story constantly loops on itself so no real advancement, OP/ED were only fair, I hate the unnecessary censoring by JC Staff just to drive up DVD sales – make a better product to increase sales

Awards that this blog has given to the show

  • Best Seiyuu to Rie Kugimiya for summer season 2008*

Stealing from an earlier post where I described the show: The initial premise drew me in – an aspiring mage, Louise, in a fantasy world casts the spell that will make her familiar show up and while everyone else got normal animals. dragons, mice, cats, etc. for Louise the spell draws Saito, a high school boy, who lives in our modern day Japan. Very unconventional but she doesn’t get any do-overs and thus is stuck with Saito. What’s she to do? On one hand it’s handy having a human for a familiar – he can do all your laundry for you – for example. However Saito is a normal hormonally-driven teenager and has problems with his eyes straying to other (more endowed) females around him. This infuriates Louise and her solutions normally involve liberal use of a riding whip she keeps around (something only an animated show can get away with and still appear funny) but what happens when she starts having romantic feeling for her pet Saito?

click pic for wallpaper size

If anyone bothers to average my weekly rating for this show, they’d realize that this show averages out to around ~10.6 or a rounded avg. of 11 out of 12 and not 8/12. The reason for this is that the weekly rating is for that one episode and in this case the sum of the parts are not greater than the whole.

Many of those out there will think I’m being generous with giving it an 8/12 B+ and they’re probably right. I realize the show is generic, the action is only run-of-the-mill, the animation is unexceptional (but never ugly), there’s too great of a reliance on fan-service and deus ex machina endings. However, I like when Rie Kugimiya voices a tsundere and I like watching Louise and Saito together. If this isn’t the case for you then I’d rank the show around a 4/12 C.

If your on-the-fence about watching this show ask yourself these series of questions: ‘Have I watched the first two seasons and like them?’ If yes, then watch this season – it’s better then the second but be aware that a fourth season is almost a guarantee. If the answer is no then ‘have I watched and liked Shana?’ If the answer is yes in part because of Shana and Yuji’s relationship, then I’d say probably but start at the first season. If the answer is no then I’d suggest starting with Shana first, it’s a superior show and Zero’s Familiar is almost exactly what you’d imagine a weak knock-off of Shana to be. I’d also suggest the other, superior, tsundere Rie Kugimiya series – Hayate the Combat Butler.

*New feature in my series reviews, will update this and all series reviews if future awards are given


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