My attempt at gender-bending or funny at 2 am

I found that my sound card has a audio recording program and furthermore it has a feature that can alter how people sound including settings for Chipmunk, Zeus, Female to Male, and Male to Female. While the Male to Female setting doesn’t work well I found the Female to Male to work decently well. So I decided to make a couple of recordings then re-sync them to the video and share them with you guys.

It was 2 AM yesterday when I decided to do this so I can’t guarantee these are as funny as I thought they where at 2 AM. Watching these uploaded, youtube is really cutting quality of “normal” videos, almost making “high” quality required (and is there some why to link to the high-quality version that I’m missing).

The first clip is Mikuru’s opening song to start episode 0/1 of the Melancholy of Haruhi

The second clip is the OP from Haruhi

And lastly Lucky Star

Not perfect, but still pretty good for a preset setting in a program.

The Chipmunk setting does a pretty good job and it doesn’t speed up the audio to accomplish it’s affect. The Zeus setting kinda sounds like making a voice sound really-really slow but not actually making it slower. I’m going to see what else I can do with this and maybe make a few more videos.


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