Weekly Anime Review (Sept 7 – Sept 13) – emo face week

Another relatively quiet week of anime – no big surprises. It’s normally this time of the season that I try to fit in some shows that are on my backlog because I get antsy for new things but I think I’ll let the temptation slide. I think the next season will be a big season and I need to try to minimize the amount of shows I’m still trying to finish when it starts.

The scores:

Zero’s Familiar S.3, episode 10 – 10/12 A

Ryoko’s Case Files, episode 9 – 12/12

Birdy the Mighty Decode, episode 10 – 12+/12

Natsume Yuujinchou, episode 10 – 12+/12

Soul Eater, episode 23 – 12++/12

Daughter of Twenty Faces, episode 16 – 9/12 A-

Maid Guy, episode 11 – 8/12 B+

Wagaya no Oinari-sama, episode 18 – 12/12

Thoughts and Highlights

The best episode of the week was from Soul Eater. The Demon God’s awakening was cool and creepy.From the preview it looks like Shinigami will be the one to take him out but I wonder if Maka will play a role in the upcoming fight because she as noticeable absent from this week’s episode. However, I was kinda disappointed that Stein and Medusa talked for episodes and when the resolution to their battle occurred – it was over in one slice. A really awesome slice but a single slice nonetheless.

The most disappointing episode was from Daughter of Twenty Faces again even though I scored Maid Guy lower. With yet another person that’s shown up wanting the secrets of 20 Faces, I’m starting to think that the show is stuck in an endless loop. I get it, everyone and their brother is after 20 Faces and his loot – can we move on now. With 8-10 episodes left to the show, I’m still hoping that it can pull out and end as good as it started.

The reason why Maid Guy wasn’t the most disappointing is that I realize outside of Kogarashi acting awesome then there is little to distinguish this show of other generic comedies. I think DbD counted only 2 Awesome Kogarashi Moments (AKM) so the episode was only decent. I did learn an interesting difference between male and female Japanese kimonos.

Zero’s Familiar fell back to being vapid, mildly fun, comedy that it is.

Ryoko’s Case Files ended on a cliff-hanger and I’m really anxious to see the next episode. I always find it interesting how shows like Ryoko’s Case Files, GiTS:SAC, or Gurren Lagann are able to work politics and how the government functions into the show.

Birdy and Natsume continue to impress. The last roughly 30 seconds of Birdy was one of the most unexpectedly startling moments in anime this year. And Natsume continues to widen what to expect from the show, this time it showed it’s comedic side for great laughs. It’s really a shame that this one is only 13 episodes long.


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