2008 US Presidential Election

Who’s better suited to protect us from the bad guys of the world?

I had been winning a personal struggle with myself in regards to the upcoming presidential election but yesterday I finally lost. I didn’t want to drag politics into an anime blog and knowing full well I’m just tempting the gods of trolling – I’d hoped to successfully resist the temptation but like I said, I lost yesterday. So, hopefully, once I get this post out of my system – I can return to anime blogging. And before I go on, I respect anyone’s reasoned opinion even when it differs from my own and if you feel like posting a comment expressing your reasoned opinion then I’ll more than happy to read them.

I’m going to be enthusiastically voting for McCain in two months time for the president and no one is as surprised at that then me. If you permit me some time, I’ll explain how I got to that point.

Since the first time I’ve voted – the 1996 presidential primary – I’ve voted Republican on the state and national level. However, I don’t consider myself a Republican because I’ve always found labels to be chafing. For example, I’m Roman Catholic and attend Mass weekly but I don’t mind the theory of evolution. Science is the study of the physical world and evolution is our best theory concerning the changes we see in the fossil record. But since science deals only with the physical world it also cannot be used to disprove a non-physical being like God. Both sides of the debate expend more energy then necessary on this issue – I say evolution (until another scientific theory nullifies it) is just another tool/law of science that God used to create the world and us in it. And btw, the universe is over 10 billions old.

This election really starts back in the 90’s at the latest. During Bill Clinton’s time as President we saw him weathering numerous scandals dealing with his infidelities. I remember asking myself why doesn’t Hillary just leave the guy and the only reason that made sense was that Hillary Clinton wanted to be President someday. This thought was further reinforced in my head when 2000 rolled around and Hillary ran for the Senate. When she won, I said to those around me that she’s going to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2008 as long as a Republican got elected in 2000. They did and as 2008 neared it became more and more obvious that Hillary would be running and that she was probably going to get the nomination.

This didn’t sit well for me because I’d developed a rather huge disliking of her during the 90’s. I hoped someone would come along to challenge her and I was secretly glad when Obama began to seriously challenge Hillary. I even held out hope that Obama’s “change” was genuine since I wasn’t too happy with the field of Republican candidates – I thought to myself, isn’t there a young governor somewhere that could run – and toyed with the idea that Obama would be the better pick.

I wonder if Obama's been practicing?
I wonder if Obama’s been practicing?

Any chance of me voting for Obama died when his pastor, Rev. Wright, was brought to light. Not because I, at the time, thought Obama believed the same things as his pastor but because it took him days to sever his ties with Rev. Wright. Further, Obama never seemed to grasp why so many people where outraged at the pastor’s comments. Taking this incident another step, I asked myself, if Obama was planning to run for President, why didn’t he realize a pastor like Rev. Wright is bad news and leave the church years ago? Obama’s handling of this incident raised serious doubts to me as to his ability to make the correct decision quickly.

I realized that as much as it pained me to say it aloud, Hillary was the better candidate and someone I know who could handle being the President. It still wasn’t enough for me to vote for her in my state’s primary. I wanted to vote for Huckabee, the one guy on either side that I liked because he came off as a normal guy. I knew Huckabee wasn’t the most qualified of the Republicans, McCain was the most qualified but McCain was a maverick and I wasn’t sure what he intended to do with the country. So I voted for Huckabee and figured I’d tune back into the elections sometime in August .

But of course, the contest between Hillary and Obama dragged on and kept some of my attention. I found the contest fascinating to watch – all those states at the end that no one normally bothers with actually got to be important for a change. I was kinda surprised when I realized the media wanted Obama to win and thus slanted the reporting to him. How did they decide to back Obama? From a position standpoint, they’re almost the same and I would have thought that Hillary would have developed a good relationship with them over the years so I wanted to know why. The only reason I could come up with involved some of the well known–isms of the world.

Yes, I'd cling to one if I owned one.
Yes, I’d cling to one if I owned one.

At this point I knew I wasn’t voting for Obama but I had to make a real decision to if I was going to vote for McCain when the general election came around. In my mind if Obama espoused enough good positions and stayed on my good side then McCain would have to actually work hard for my vote. I was prepared to not vote for either and probably write-in a vote for someone like my Mom.

The scales started to tip towards McCain from the anti-Obama standpoint in early August and it was thanks to this blog. Since this is a wordpress.com blog, when I click over to the administrative side I get a page that shows the top blogs and posts, latest posts and growing blogs across all wordpress.com blogs. I saw a post that said that Obama put up a fake birth certificate on his website. I just had to click on this link to see what was up. ( orginial article no longer there, try here and here for similar)

I was sent to a Hillary-supporter website that was trying to still get Hillary the nomination by getting the super-delegates to change their vote to Hillary. This immediately made me suspect the information contained within but as I read I found myself starting to believe what they wrote. It seemed this article was correct and that Obama is passing a fake birth certificate as being his true birth certificate – a felony btw and something that could get him impeached. Then the question arose, why fake a birth certificate?

This same website endeavored to answer this by bringing together different pieces and a plausible story took shape. When his mom remarried and his step-father adopted him a new birth certificate was probably issued to Barrack “Obama” with the name of Barrack Soetoro. The single piece of information that’s still exists from his time in Indonesia backs this up because he was enrolled in school under the name Barry Soetoro, with Indonesian citizenship and being a Muslim. Then at some point later on he probably had his name legally changed back to Barrack Obama but his birth certificate still reads Barrack Soetoro. So, since he’s billed himself to America as Barrack Obama, he doesn’t want us to see that he’s really Barrack Soetoro. If this story is true then I don’t see how anyone could trust Obama as President. Also if his birth certificate does read Barrack Soetoro then that’s the name that has to appear on ballots for his votes to be valid. Like I said, it seems plausible in light of the fake birth certificate but until it’s picked up by the larger media and shown one way or the other, I won’t fully believe it.

Which candidate will get us off foreign oil?

With the conventions now approaching, it was time to see who got picked by both men to be their Vice Presidents. This choice is important because it’s seen as the candidates first executive decision and one that McCain handily beat Obama on.

In Obama’s case, when he chose Biden, it was a bad decision in two ways. The first and most glaring is that Obama had been preaching newness and change his entire campaign but when the time came to pick the first person of his administrations he picks one of the longest serving Senators currently in the Senate – he’s been there since Nixon and is a true Washington insider. Nothing about this pick embodies “change”. The second reason is that by picking Biden, Obama is admitting that he his critics are correct and that he doesn’t have enough foreign policy experience.

Then it was McCain’s turn to announce his pick. Within 5 minutes of hearing that Sarah Palin was picked to be the Vice President candidate and hearing a short thumbnail sketch of her life, I realized that John McCain is brilliant. Sarah Palin does so much; she electrifies the conservative base, strengthens McCain’s message of change and reform, brings experience that Obama’s ticket can’t match, and gives certain demographics a reason to consider the McCain-Palin ticket. She has a rugged frontier can-do air to her that is so refreshing, American, and reminiscent of an earlier time in our history.

It's about time for a strong woman to get elected
It’s about time for a woman, especially one that’s amazing

Like I said, McCain is brilliant. His pick shows his ability to find creative solutions to problems – a quality that a President needs. On the other hand Obama’s pick is a timid, safe pick and one that further casts doubt in his ability to make a tough decision if he was President. And if there was any doubt Palin was the correct pick it became clearly evident when the Obama-loving media viciously attacked her.

As September rolls on, it becomes increasing clear that Obama’s campaign is hurting. With the McCain-Palin ticket now really driving home the message of real change and reform and having the credentials to back up their claims – McCain being known as a reformer and maverick long before this campaign and Palin going after corruption in her own party and Big Oil and the political establishment of Alaska; Obama can only talk of change. He’s been living in one of the most well-known corrupt cities in the country and in all that time he hasn’t attempted to reform the city. So call my a skeptic but how can I expect him to reform Washington?

McCain-Palin make an awesome duo

September has also seen Obama’s campaign resorting to rather low and frankly unpresidential attacks. I’m still willing to give Obama a little wiggle room so while I won’t say definitively that Obama called Palin a pig, I still think there’s a good chance that he was calling Palin a pig. I let that one slide for now – we’ll see if it’s the start of a pattern. I do understand that there’s a certain level of mud that can be expected to be flung during a presidential campaign but Obama’s latest attack ad was what finally caused me to write this post.

This latest ad suggests that McCain can’t possibly know about change since among other things he doesn’t know how to email. This raises my bile on so many levels. Did the Obama camp realize that after being tortured for 5+ years, McCain can’t use a keyboard or for that matter comb his hair or tie his shoes. Yes, we need the guy that mocks tortured war veterans. And the sad thing is the Obama camp didn’t bother to read how he does in fact read email but has to dictate responses because he can’t type himself. If I’m going to bother someone everytime I need to email someone; I’d just pick up a phone and call that person and McCain has said that he prefers to use his cell phone (gee, I wonder why?)

Also, the ad makes a dumb argument and if we use Obama’s logic in the ad then we’d see that Obama couldn’t become President. The reason, as President he would be the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces but he’s never served a single day as a soldier much less someone with authority in the military. Therefore how could Obama know anything about running the military.

How far would Obama go for his country?

Lastly, Obama’s call for “change” has so far been vague sounding. What’s this change going to entail? From what little I’ve heard about concrete plans it seems that he’s going to tax the rich, and give lots of money away that will solve everyone’s problems. This isn’t anything different, I’ve heard this from the Democratic Party my entire life – it’s their solution to everything and one that doesn’t work. I look at all the social programs that they started and I look into the near future and realize these programs are probably going to bankrupt the country.

Recently, I’m started to worry about the parts of Obama’s “change” that we don’t know about. I was reading another article about Obama here that was talking about the Obama-Ayers link. It shows that in all likelihood that Obama has been friends with the unrepentant anti-American terrorist Ayers for a long time. The article points out that Obama’s first public speech in college was at an event that was sponsored by people that had ties to Ayers. Then after two years at college in California, Obama transfers to Columbia University where Ayers happens to be a faculty member of. While there it’s very possible that the two met for the first time and developed a friendship but we don’t know for sure since Obama won’t release any records from his time there and no one remembers him. After graduating from Columbia University, he decides to go to Chicago where Ayers happens to live. While there he gets a job at a law firm where Ayers’ wife just happens to work. Then after returning to Chicago after getting his law degree, he gets named to two of Ayers’ organizations. This story makes a lot more sense then Obama’s story of Ayers just being a neighbor that he hardily knew when he used Ayers’ house to start his political career.

The same article also throws in that Obama’s mentor, almost father-figure, during his teenage years in Hawaii was a known member of the Communist Party. Another article talks about Obama’s deep ties to an organization that’s known for creating voter fraud. So between the anti-American preacher, communist mentor, terrorist friend and his ties to a group that’s been in trouble for creating voter fraud – I’m really worried what Obama’s “change” really is.

I’m now solidly behind McCain-Palin and worried about the country if Obama gets elected. I think there’s a real chance for change and reform if McCain-Palin get elected, they might be able to get congress to do something. Remember the Democrats have had control of both houses of Congress for two years now and they seem incapable of doing what needs done to help the nation.

And finally since I probably won’t write another political post for years, I have a political prediction for the next presidential campaign I want to say right now. If the McCain-Palin ticket wins this year, McCain will serve one term and in 2012 the race for President will be between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

Which candidate loves his country and it’s history more?

13 thoughts on “2008 US Presidential Election”

  1. Wonderful, we’ll have a great president! Here are some facts about McCain:

    – He hates Asians and voted against Martin Luther King day.

    – Opposes net neutrality

    – He was a POW, but he gives green light for CIA to use torcher.

    – Voted against the amendment to provide additional funds for mental health for veterans. Nearly two-thirds of Iraq veterans with PTSD and other psychiatric disorders are not receiving treatment.

    – Will be 72 when elected. Age is not a major issue, but you can clearly see his cognitive decline. Moreover, he had four malignant melanomas! This is a lethal form of cancer, and can recurr again.

    – Has difficulty remembering the difference between Shia and Sunni

    – Does not know the price of gas

    – Said that Vladimir Putin is the president of Germany

    – He voted with Bush 95% of the time in 2007 & 100% in 2008.

    – Failed to pay taxes for his Californian property. Not surprising because he has trouble remembering how many houses he owns.

    – Supports oil industry and is against tax breaks for alternative energy sources

    Further Reading:

    100 Reasons Why McCain Won’t Be President of the United States

    Be Afraid of President McCain: The frightening mind of an authoritarian maverick


  2. When I see McCain I see four more years of Bush. On top of that, the RNC was a huge waste of time. They barely covered issues. All I heard was “Obama this/Obama that”. I don’t see McCain as trustworthy. Plus seeing those pictures of 9/11 used at the RNC turned my stomach.

    Obama FTW!


  3. The story of Obama’s birth certificate is false. It was debunked many times, oddlye enough by conservative bloggers. Obama’s main problem is not his Muslim background, but his Chicago background (e.g. being in cahoots with small-time mafiozo like Tony Rezko, sitting in the Wright’s church and nodding to his hatemongery as long as it wasn’t discovered, cooperation with the unrepentant terrorist murderer Ayers, etc.). I wish people stopped peddling the birt certificate hoax. It’s clearly false and you cannot persuade anyone with it.

    McCain, frankly, is no god’s gift to America. He’s just as ignorant about economics and business as Obama. His only advantages are that he does not want the country to lose the war, and his anti-pork stance.


  4. Palin is a creationist and tried unsuccessfully to ban books in the library, that’s enough reason to not vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.
    Also, just because McCain was a war veteran does not mean he can command the military successfully.


  5. You said you wondered about what kind of change Obama would bring but did you ever really question what kind of change McCain would bring? I suggest you check out his voting record and if you do you will find he is not the maverick politician he would like you to believe he is.


  6. “His only advantages are that he does not want the country to lose the war”

    My question to that is, whenever McCain says that we will win the war, what’s meant by “winning”, actually?


  7. So, you’re voting for McCain on the basis of hoaxes perpetrated against Barack Obama?

    WTF? Don’t vote based on conspiracy-theory bullshit, idiot.


  8. When I saw this linked to on Anime Nano I was thinking that this was another vapid fluff piece supporting Obama I was pleasantly surprised to see someone in the anime blogosphere supporting McCain. While I would have preferred either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul get the Republican nomination, the choice of Palin for the running mate pretty sealed the deal for me on second amendment issues.

    Of course just looking at Obama’s track record and background makes just about anyone look better. Seriously, Obama has done very little in either legislative body he’s worked in whether it consistently voting “present” in Illinois or the fact that if you look up what legislation of his has passed in the US Senate, you’ll very little of substance. He won his elections in Illinois mostly through disqualifying his opponents through technicalities, and got into the US Senate mostly because the Republicans were forced to make the last minute substitution of Alan Keyes. Let’s not forget an independent publication found him to be one of the most liberal senators around. His fabled stint as a community organizer did very little except tie him to the radical and extremely corrupt ACORN organization. Then there are also the people he’s been known to associate with like Ayres, Wright, and Resco. Also let’s not forget he still won’t admit that he was wrong with his stance towards the “surge” campaign in Iraq.


  9. Do you prefer someone who said he will not disown his pastor like he will not disown his grandma, but did it anyway, or someone who is willing to stay by his buddies although he had the choice to leave? Who sounds more like your typical main character who is willing to stand for his nakama?

    McCain is for drilling and nuclear energy (yeah go spiral power), the democrats are against it (boo anti-spiral).

    Seriously, Obama supporters have to see voting records and see who had voted against their own party to see who is really the agent of change, instead of blindly supporting a candidate who keeps shouting his mantra of “Change” when he never really went against his own party.


  10. Personally I would have given my vote to Hillary. Right now, I wouldn’t have voted for either Obama or McCain. Obama is too abstract (the way I see it he won against Hillary only because a LOT of people don’t like her) and McCain’ campaign bend the “truth” too much. Until election day, both campaign still need to do a lot of convincing.

    I find it troubling though that Palin is seen as an agent of change, especially since it has been mentioned repeatedly that the so called government reform (“the bridge to nowhere”) she’s well known for isn’t really much of a reform. I guess when we like somebody, we gloss over “things.” I mean she didn’t even raise any issue with the plan until it met a lot of opposition. That’s what any government official would do not what a reformer would do. She even hired lobbyist to lobby for more money for Alaska. If she wasn’t protected by McCain’s campaign, following her pick as VP, this would come up in the open during her interviews with the media a lot sooner. How many interview has she done so far? 1 or 2? Even those interviews shows her response as scripted and how much she doesn’t know.

    Imagine that scenario for a second. She was just picked as VP running mate; everybody pretty much didn’t know her; 1st impression is important since that’s what people would always remember; and the only thing people know (came from McCain’s campaign) is that she’s a reformer, she gives a great speech, she’s anti abortion, she’s a hockey mom, she’s beautiful. OMG, she’s Obama if he’s a female republican.

    Let’s face it, both campaign pick someone that would satisfy what they themselves are often criticized as lacking. Obama is seen as inexperienced, so he picked one of the oldest democrat. If he had picked Hillary, I would have given my vote to him. McCain is seen as against republican party too much and also wanted to be associated with “change”, so he picked a female republican with the shortest track record there is who’s against abortion. I would have voted for him if he had picked Joe Lieberman instead.

    This comment sounds like it’s going everywhere and nowhere because I find it difficult to focus on just one thing. I wanted to criticize Palin and McCain’s campaign until I remember that once you like someone you gloss over the “facts”. Then I wanted to say that both campaign basically did the same thing as the other. Both bends the “truth” with the only difference being McCain’s campaign bends it more. It seems to work for Bush (8 years), let’s see how much it would work for McCain now.


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