Weekly Anime Review (Aug 31 – Sept 6)

Chiko + broom > 2 bad guys + knives

Truthfully, my mind was elsewhere this past week for most of the week. I was unexpectantly glued to the tv watching the convention so I needed the various anime shows to be really good to register with me this week. And almost every episode was stellar this week.

The scores:

Zero’s Familiar S.3, episode 9 – 12+/12

Ryoko’s Case Files, episode 8 – 12/12

Birdy the Mighty Decode, episode 9 – 12+/12

Xam’D: Lost Memories, episode 8 – 12/12

Natsume Yuujinchou, episode 9 – 12+/12

Soul Eater, episode 21 – 12/12
Soul Eater, episode 22 – 12+++/12

Daughter of Twenty Faces, episode 15 – 9/12 A-

Xam’d seemed to feature a bunch of really nicely composed shots like the one above

Thoughts and Highlights

Previously reviewed was the episode of Zero’s Familiar and episode 22 of Soul Eater. I thought both were the best of their respective series so far. In Zero’s case, it might have been the best of all 3 seasons. And in Soul Eater’s case, it successfully freaked me out and wanting for more.

The other summer shows were all on their best behavior. Ryoko’s Case Files continue to gloriously wallow in B-movie material. This time we had a bug that causes people to commit suicide while talking on their cellphones. Both Xam’D and Birdy continue to ratchet up their stories and Natsume continues to be a near flawlessly executed slice-of-life series. Birdy also had a very nice fight scene between Birdy and a “marionette” designed for battle. Leave it to the Japanese to create a battle robot and dress ‘her’ as a goth loli.

The one disappointment of the week was Daughter of 20 Faces. Ever since 20 Faces disappeared the first time the show feels like it’s been missing something. It hasn’t been all bad though, this episode we had a really cool fight sequence by Chiko wielding a broom against a pair of bad guys. On the other hand this episode had some of the most blatant fan service yet for the series. I’ve mentioned before that fan service isn’t inheritantly bad but when a show, like this one, suddenly starts to add fan service – it points to the animators trying to cover up the drop in story quality. I’m still holding out hope that the show will end well but the middle part has definitely let me down.

More Xam’D goodness
Okay, one more from Soul Eater
Chiko > amazing

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