Soul Eater Episode 22

Wow, this episode was simply amazing. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, I’d suggest you watch first before reading on. I wouldn’t want to spoil such a great episode of Soul Eater. For those that want to be spoiled, or are still trying to decide if this show is worthy of being picked up, read on.

Rating: 12+++/12 Perfect

Up until the last 5 minutes of the episode I was already putting this at around a 12+ because the fight scenes by Death the Kid where really cool and I liked the beginning with Maka making some headway in saving Chrona.

I was mentally wishing we’d get back to Stein and Medusa’s fight when the little frog witch and the No Future guy enter where the Demon God is imprisoned. The characters talked about the madness of the Demon God but I was completely unprepared for what we saw. The Demon God’s illusions where very unsettling; I was frankly, very freaked out. It’s very hard to truly freak me out and even more so for an anime to do it. The animation studio, Bones, and the author of the source manga, Atsushi Okubo, deserve major kudos.

This episode shoots my opinion of the show through the roof and makes me really impatient to see what happens. Also, this episode virtually guarantees if and when Soul Eater is shown on American tv, it will be late at night.

Don’t do it!!


Up-beat ending feels really outta place

Full size (1280×720) screen shots below.

One thought on “Soul Eater Episode 22”

  1. I Liked Soul Eater Ep.22 My Favorite Parts Were Maka And Chrona Face Off And When Eureka Was Sort Of Possesed By The Kishin A.K.A Asura


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