Zero’s Familiar episode 9

The latest episode ofZero’s Familiar was, without a doubt, the best of the entire series. So much so, I have the desire to blog about a single episode of anime outside of my weekly review for the first time in 2 months.

Rating: 12+/12 Perfect

If you haven’t been following the show closely, Tabitha (the Yuki-esque character) was forced to attack Saito because bad things would happen to her mom. She starts to but can’t follow through because Saito’s been a friend to her and her familiar. Instead, she tries to save her mom but is quickly defeated by an elf working for her uncle, the king, of her home country.

This episode starts with news coming to the academy that Tabitha and her mom have been captured and imprisoned for being traitors because she didn’t defeat Saito. Saito and a bunch of his fellow knights realize it’s their knightly duty to save Tabitha. So, they decide to get the queen’s approval to retrieve Tabitha and her mom and bring along . Louise because she’s so close to the queen.

Saito and company are shocked when the queen disallows them because as nobles of the country Saito and the knight’s actions could be seen as a hostile move towards Gallia, Tabitha’s country. Saito and the knights then give up being nobles so the rescue wouldn’t strain foreign relations but the queen, instead of allowing them now, imprisons them. Louise now tries to convince the queen, her life-long friend, but when it’s apparent that the queen will not allow them to go – Louise gives up being a noble as well and the queen imprisons Louise as well.

The episode ends with Colbert-sensei and the rest of the academy (Tiffania, Seista, knights, etc.) breaking out Saito, Louise, and co.

Henrietta was just a b*tch this episode
Henrietta loses another noble

Wow!! This episode was so unexpectantly good. I knew the queen, Henrietta, would not have allowed the raid because of the foreign relations problem but to throw them in jail was so unexpected. Then to throw Louise in jail as well. I’m nearly speechless. The queen has probably done unreconcilable to her friendship with Louise and the respect of Saito, and many other people in the kingdom. Then there was also the matter of Louise being angry at the queen for kissing Saito and my spine nearly tingled when Louise tells the queen: “If you want to lay your hands on him (Saito), please be mindful of the consequences.” I can’t help but remember how devoted Louise used to be to the queen.

The other thing about this episode that was great was we got a better inkling of the plot behind the events of the series. I’m now actually looking forward to see how this plays out. The story is still not on the level of say Kaiba, Xam’d, or even Wagaya no Oinari-sama but it’s far better then I was expecting.

I hope that the rest of the show won’t disappoint me but if it does then, at the very least, it was able to display how good it could be with this episode.

The bad guys
Louise just scored some points in Saito’s book
Can bring spoons but didn’t think to bring a spare wand


After writing the above post but before posting it I read other’s reactions to this episode. Pretty much everyone else panned this episode and for the most part these people had valid points. I think the reason why I liked this episode so much is because I’ve come to watch the show only for the characters. I like the characters, it’s a shame the show surrounding them has not been nearly as good as it could have been. I’m wondering what other people thought of this episode – am I cracked in the head or not?

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