Lupin III

My younger sister had her birthday a couple of weeks ago and what she wanted this year was DVDs of the Lupin tv series. She ended up with the first 5 discs and we’ve been plowing through them.

Lupin the Third, if you don’t already know, is a globe trotting world-class thief. With the help of his friends Goemon and Jigen (Fujiko being a help and hindrance) he goes on daring capers and only Inspector Zenigata of Interpol can possibly bring him to justice.

The episodes have been a blast to watch and my sister is planning on buying more of the series. If you’ve never seen Lupin then you’re really missing out on a great anime series. What really sparked my desire to write this post was the dub of the show. Since we have heard Lupin dubbed in the past we were curious as to how the series would sound dubbed but we were probably going to watch it subbed. However, after watching the first couple of episodes dubbed – we’re going to stick with the dub. Normally, I like subtitles because you can get the most accurate telling of the show but in this case, the show is ~30 years old and the people handling the dub went for accuracy of intent and character not wording. And it works beautifully for the most part – the only drawback is the DVDs are 5 years old and some of the jokes don’t age well.

So, while I’m still going to prefer subtitles and want my dubs to be as much literal translation as possible, there is a time and place for a dub that emphasizes the intent of the characters above the literal translation. This observation gives rise to a new poll (finally).


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