Weekly Anime Review (Aug 17 – 23)

I know people from all over visit this blog but did anyone else feel autumn making it’s presence felt last week? Where I live we had one night’s low dip into the 40’s (~9° C) unexpectantly and it instantly felt like fall. I mention this because fall is such a melancholic time of the year and it puts me in the mood for certain shows. For instance, I started rereading Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou last week. Onto the anime-watching front, it was a relatively light week and that, along with suddenly feeling like fall is upon us, allowed me to finish up my top picks of summer and fall preview entries.

The scores:

Zero’s Familiar S.3, episode 7 – 10/12 A

Birdy the Mighty Decode, episode 7 – 12+/12 Perfect

Natsume Yuujinchou, episode 7 – 12+/12 Perfect

Soul Eater, episode 20 – 12/12 Perfect

Ryoko’s Case Files, episode 6 – 10/12 A
Ryoko’s Case Files
, episode 7 – 12+/12 Perfect

Daughter of 20 Faces, episode 14 – 10/12 A

Zettai Karen Children, episode 14 – 09/12 A-

Thoughts and Highlights

I think my favorite episode of this week was episode 7 of Ryoko’s Case Files. How can you beat mutant mangrove trees using seed pods to control people? Difficult to do so, I know.

The mystery surrounding Nakasugi is getting to be very interesting on Birdy the Mighty Decode.In this episode, it appears that Nakasugi’s mind was somehow imprinted on a bunch of robots without her knowledge and one of these robots is responsible for her mom’s death. Since this season is only 13 episodes long I wonder if they’re going to try to keep this story stringing along or will they try to finish this story arc up soon. Also, a side-note for Hayate fans, the voice actor for Hayate is voicing a side character that’s been showing up a lately in the show. Listening to Hayate’s voice reminds me that I really miss watching Hayate.

If you’ve read my top summer picks then you saw how this episode of Natsume Yuujinchou, along with the last one, helped push the series to the top. Natsume displayed far greater restraint then I could. Even though it’s probably best for the fox spirit to stay in the forest I would have let the fox spirit stay at my house. And was it just me or did this episode seem to reference both Spirited Away and 5cm per Second during the train ride?

Soul Eater actually was able to make me feel sorry for the Demon Sword kid. I hope Maka finds a way to help him (or is it a her, I’m not sure). And speaking of Maka, I would have never thought she was a bigger risk-taker than Soul.

Nothing really ticked me off this week or stand out as being a bad episode of anime. Zero’s Familiar was funnier this week but it poses the question – Does anyone ever actually die on the show? And to round it out, we had decent episodes of 20 Faces and Zettai Karen Children.


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