My Blog Just Reached an Important Milestone

A couple days shy of this blogs 7 month birthday and it reached an important milestone. Can anyone guess what it is?

If you said that over 1000 spam comments have been posted on The Null Set, you’d be absolutely correct. And to celebrate I found some youtube videos that deal with SPAM. The first one being the Monty Python sketch about spam and the second is a pretty funny anime AMV using weird al’s spam song.

And if happen to be curious about some of my other stats. As of right now I have had a total of 31,621 total views here. My best day was 584 views. And my three top posts have been:

Soul Eater Wallpaper, 4,434 views

2007 Anime Awards (1-5), 1,677 views

Haruhi vs Gurren Lagann, 1,606 views

There’s been a total of 97 posts and a total of 135 approved comments (mine included). I thank everyone that has taken the time to leave comments, even if they were negative, and visit here. I’ve learned a lot about blogging and anime since starting. I’ve gotten a chuckle at some of the search terms that lead people to my site. I’ve been surprised to see where this blog has been mentioned and linked from. And with that said, a new season of anime is around the corner – so look for my fall preview soon.


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