Weekly Review of Anime Watched (July 20 – Aug 2)

Just when I caught up, I fall behind again – this time it was due to not having the internet for a week. I’m tempted to let this feature go but since I’m not willing to do so yet, I decided to revamp the set-up a bit. I’m going to give my rankings first and then discuss the highlights of the week.

Birdy the Mighty Decode, episode 2 – Rating 11/12 A+

Natsume Yuujichou, episode 1 – Rating 09/12 A-
Natsume Yuujichou, episode 2 – Rating 12+/12 Perfect

Someday’s Dreamers S.2, episode 2 – Rating 12/12 Perfect
Someday’s Dreamers S.2, episode 3 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Zero’s Familiar S.3, episode 2 – Rating 10/12 A
Zero’s Familiar S.3, episode 3 – Rating 11/12 A

Xam’d: Lost Memories, episode 1 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Ryoko’s Case Files, episode 1 – Rating 10/12 A
Ryoko’s Case Files, episode 2 – Rating 10/12 A

Slayer’s Revolution, episode 2 – Rating 07/12 B
Slayer’s Revolution, episode 3 – Rating 08/12 B+

Thoughts and Highlights

I picked up a couple of more summer anime shows after reading what other people where saying about this season. Xam’d: Lost Memories is easily the most epic feeling show of this season and I’m really looking forward to see how it develops. Probably the biggest surprise has been Zero’s Familiar, in that, after three episodes it continues to remain enjoyable and comedic. The second season and it’s attempt at serious plot was horrible and as long as this season stays away from it then we might be okay.

I already talked about the first episode of Natsume Yuujichou and the problems I had with it but the second episode was touching and it had a great slice-of-life feel to it. If this continues then I’m willing to overlook the perceived problems with the series and just enjoy it. The other new show, Ryoko’s Case Files, could be described as Haruhi and Kyon as adults and Haruhi actually finding supernatural cases to study. I think this show has good potential between the cases it shows and watching the relationship between the two develop.

And finally, Someday’s Dreamers Season 2. People seem to feel either positive or negative about the animation. I fall into the camp of liking the animation though I sometimes wish the people where drawn in more detail. After 3 episodes, I’m getting used to the animation and I’m now concentrating on the show more. I’m finding that the show gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling after watching it and that’s a good thing for a slice-of-life show.


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