Summer Anime Impressions – Ryoko’s Case Files

Also known as Yakushiji Ryoko No Kaiki Jikenbo. I picked this one up because Jason at Derailed by Derry ranked it high on his thin-slicing post and I like it a lot and hope it fills in for more Ghost Hunt that we’ll probably never see.

Rating: 10/12 A

Ryoko is a police inspector and Izumida is her assistant. Ryoko seems to attract supernatural cases to her. In the first episode, when she decides to go shopping during work hours and drag Izumida to be her shopping bag holder, she literally runs into a man that turns into a mummy in seconds. This derails her plans but she’s more then willing to get on the case.

Ryoko reminds me what I’d imagine an adult Haruhi would be like and Izumida reminds me a bit of Kyon. This is a good dynamic to have and I particularly enjoyed Izumida’s discomfort as Ryoko tried to get his feedback while they went swimsuit shopping. I look forward to see where their relationship goes or doesn’t go.

So in closing, as much as I’ve been enjoying fluff shows like Zero’s Familiar, shounen shows like Soul Eater, and slice-of-life shows like Someday’s Dreamers, picking up a well-done slightly more serious show like this was a good idea.

Ryoko’s creed – Might is Right
"Do not like" he says
“Do not like” he says

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One thought on “Summer Anime Impressions – Ryoko’s Case Files”

  1. Was it just me or was the sexual tension between these two off the charts ? Not just in the swimsuit scene but I felt like Ryoko was giving him a come hither look every time they were alone. Not that I expect anything is going to happen but I found it pretty amusing.

    Anyway, if you didn’t know the novel this is based on is by Yoshiki Tanaka who wrote Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I don’t know if that means it’ll be any good but at the very least it’s got me interested.


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