Summer Anime Impressions – Bounen no Xamdou or Xam’d – Lost Memories

Nice to meet you

Between Daughter of 20 Faces and Soul Eater, Bones is trying to make the case of being this years best studio and this season heralds a new series by Bones. Xam’d – Lost Memories, currently only available as a rental on the PS3 network and only in the US, and is easily the most ambitious of the summer shows.

Rating: 12/12 Perfect

As I was saying, this show feels like it’ll be epic. If I actually owned a PS3 and it was hooked up to the internet, I think I’d actually pay the $3-4 an episode to rent this. The show set is in some type of alternate earth or other planet where the political situation is very tense, reminiscent of the Cold War with the threat of terrorism thrown in for good measure. Akiyuki is a normal high school student but by the end of the episode, he most definitely is not normal.

There are many reasons to pick up this show. The animation is quite nice, there promises to be lots of action and the characters seem like an interesting group. It also has the one of the greatest named opening songs ever – Shut Up and Explode. Then there is the one girl that looks like Nausicaa and one of the characters is voiced by Kamina as even more reasons to watch.

Studio Ghibli called, they want Nausicaa back

Opening song – Shut up and Explode by Boom Boom Satelites


2 thoughts on “Summer Anime Impressions – Bounen no Xamdou or Xam’d – Lost Memories”

  1. Just finished watching the last episode, 26th. I would have to rate this show as one of my favourites! The opening song is very nice, but I prefer the ending song by Kylee as there’s so much emotion in it. The ending of the show did not let me down and I can happily say this show was very fulfilling. Thanks Bones for making a great anime!


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