Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to me. July 23rd marked my XXth birthday so I’m thinking I should feel old but I really don’t feel any different. I was going to have this up earlier but I wanted to include pictures of my Gurren Lagann cake.

There’s a bakery near my house that can scan in a picture and print out an edible sheet that can be put on top of the cake. I wanted a Gurren Lagann cake but finding something that would look good on a cake was a little hard. Also here’s pic of my birthday cake from 2 years ago.

My family and I went out to eat at my favorite restaurant and then we went to see Wall-E in the theaters. And here’s a picture of the presents I got today.

My sister hand-made a stuffed version of my favorite Katamari Damacy cousin – Ichigo. Also, I got the Gurren Lagann vol.1 DVD and also 2 books: Gardner Dozois’ 25th Years Best SF anthology and Charles Stross’ newest novel – Saturn’s Children.

It was a very good day: good food, good movie, good cake, good company and nice presents.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me”

  1. Welcome to mid-life crisis, Jeff. 🙂 July 23, was my b-day too. I turned 33. And like you it means absolutely nothing to me, because I still am (and always will be) a kid a heart. I watch anime, I like comic book movies, I’m a heavy metal fan, I don’t play video games any more but still enjoy seeing what’s on the market. So you tell me, does sound like I’m “old”?

    Hell, I just finished watching the series finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender (6 times) and it brought me to tears. Now THAT’s epic storytelling!


  2. heheheheheheh you need to smile more in your pictures 😉 I am really jealous of your cake and your Ichigo and your birthday day! Bring over Gurren Lagann and let’s watch it


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