Weekly Review (June 29 – July 19) of Anime Watched

Various reasons account for the lateness of this post and I almost wanted to let this feature slide but I’m going to try to keep it going. I also didn’t watch too much anime outside of the entire full metal panic series so even though this covers 3 weeks, there’s not that much to cover.

Kaiba, episode 9 – Rating 12++/12 Perfect

I’m running out of ways to praise this show. One of the things I’ve really liked is the how the show has changed our perceptions of itself. We started off seeing how the ability to transfer people between bodies is abused by the powerful of the world and the group fighting them could be viewed as just and righteous in their terrorists actions but lately, we’ve seen this twisted. This series is really showing what top quality science fiction is and also why anime can’t just be considered the domain of children.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, episode 10 – Rating 11/12 A+

Rie Kugimiya alert. Sometimes I think there’s something wrong with me because I enjoy listening to Rie Kugimiya’s characters so much. This time she plays an idealist young pirate captain, Mujyakey, who believes that pirates work for peace and thus she makes her money as a fishermen. Kyouka wants the treasure left behind by the father, who was also a pirate, but in doing so – Kyouka helps force the end of Mujyakey’s idealism and doesn’t get the treasure. I really liked the episode but whereas most of Kyouka’s trouble-making has been harmless so far, this time she seemed more mean-spirited and I kinda got angry at her in this episode.

Aunt trying to kill Chiko

Daughter of 20 Faces, episode 11 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Chiko is going to have to do something about having all these people coming after her. I think she’ll probably leave with her maid and her friend – hence the ending song. This time we see more of the white-haired devil (as the newspapers call her) and this time she hypnotizes those around Chiko to try to kill Chiko. Is she doing this to try to provoke 20 Faces out from wherever he’s hiding? A well-placed pricked finger brings Tome, the maid, out of it and she’s able to save Chiko.

Maid Guy don’t need a bat, these chopsticks will do

Maid Guy, episode 9 – Rating 10/12 A

Add pastry chef to list of things that Maid Guy can do. Naeka’s two friends work at a cafe but they’re going to have to close because of a rival shop named Cafe Holstein (Holstein being a type of cow) that features only very well-endowed woman as employees. The two friends ask Maid Guy for his help and his recipes are so good that they start drawing customers away from Cafe Holstein. The manager of Cafe Holstein comes over to the shop and Maid Guy realizes that the manager is lying about her own figure. So, with the help of a sword fish, she is humiliated in front of her own employees and the cafe is saved. This episode brought back Maid Guy and his special talents so it was a good episode.

Soul Eater, episode 13 – Rating 12/12 Perfect
Soul Eater
, episode 14 – Rating 12+/12 Perfect
Soul Eater
, episode 15 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

In this batch of episodes we see the first effects of Soul being infected with black blood, the students of Shibusen taking an important test, and the return of the Demon Sword (in that order). One of the dynamics that I like about this show is how the students are in a group – meister and weapon. So instead of just having to see Maka power-up by herself, both her and Soul have to get more powerful by themselves and also their ability to work together also has to improve.

Maybe I’m just forgetful but I’m really starting to wonder about Maka’s mom and why we haven’t seen her yet. Maka seems to hold her in high regard yet she never seems to visit her, why? The other burning question I have now is: what is under Shinigami’s mask? We see Death the Kid wear a similar mask, which means there is something under Shinigami’s mask and I want to see it.

Is he really that good looking?

Japanese badminton …

is serious business.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama, episode 11 – Rating 12/12 Perfect
Wagaya no Oinari-sama, episode 12 – Rating 11/12 A+

Episode 11 is about how Kou, the miko, tries to repay the brothers after breaking one of their windows. Of course she doesn’t have the necessary skills to hold down a real job and Tenko only makes it worse because he/she wants to work as well. Episode 12 is the required onsen episode of the series, though with a lot less fanservice than would normally be expected – it was almost on the level of Bamboo Blade’s onsen. They get to go to the onsen because Tenko wins it, instead of the Autumn Season Set that he/she wanted to win. (What exactly is an Autumn Season Set?) At the onsen they encounter a little girl ghost that’s looking for someone to play with her and after some eventful events they end up playing Japanese Badminton with her. This show continues to be the one I most enjoy watching.

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Slayers Revolution, episode 1 – Rating 06/12 B-
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And finally, because I can be that immature, let me mis-caption this screenshot:

Excuse me


2 thoughts on “Weekly Review (June 29 – July 19) of Anime Watched”

  1. Yes, Kaiba is very good 🙂 Only one episode left – the epic battle! While it has a relatively small repertoire, the music of the series never fail to touch.


  2. Out of all the anime you quickly reviewed, I’ve only been keeping up with SOUL EATER. I never wondered about what was under Shinigami’s mask until you mentioned it. Hmm, I just hope he’s hot. Regarding Maka’s mother, I have no idea. The woman probably perished … or maybe Maka can’t stand to visit her grave because it’s so difficult.


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