Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu – Series Review

Continuing with more FMP, this time it’s the second season Fumoffu. Whereas the first season had only a dose of Sousake’s school life adventures, this season is totally about Sousake’s time at school – thus, this season is a pure comedy series. This also marks the start of Kyoto Animation’s involvement with the show.

Final Series Score: 12/12 Perfect
Pros: hilarious and definitely an inspired adaption by Kyoto Animation
Cons: nothing at all

This series was funny, really funny.

The only thing I really wanted to discuss is why this series helped push the first season’s rating down a bit. Without knowing the source material, it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint how each studio adapted and added to it but I got the sense that KyoAni tweaked and adding little touches to make already funny material even more funny. For example, at one point Chidori gets kidnapped and the kidnappers stick a sign on her forehead: Hostage – Do not touch. That had me rolling in laughter and while it might have been something in the source material, I think it’s something that KyoAni did to bring in the absurd to ratchet up the comedy.

Without spoiling all the most funny parts of the series I have to say that episode 4, where we learn why this series is called Fumoffu, and the pair of episodes when Tessa comes to Sagara and Chidori’s school as a student for two weeks are the standout episodes of the series. It’s hard to talk at length about perfection, there’s nothing to nitpick about so I’ll close by saying that this series is perfect and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Chidori tries to be the voice of reason

Bouta-kun to the rescue

Tessa, not only knows how to captain a sub, but knows her math

“I guess I have to do CPR.”

Nothing good ever comes from two woman fighting over one guy.


2 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu – Series Review”

  1. No anime is without cons. I could even find one with this. The narrative is too jumpy since it’s pieced together from a lot of seperate scenarios. Thus it doesn’t flow as well as it could. Also, the series is missing a lot of the drama that went into the first season. Done.

    I also can’t say I was ever rolling in laughter with this series. It had it’s moments, but as a whole the comedy was just too forced most of the time. I find that with a lot of Kyoani’s shows. Comedy should feel more natural to me, not so obvious. Also it relied a little to much on slapstick and physical comedy for me taste. Gotta love that Japanese sense of humour. :p

    Also, not to be a nitpick, but what you have for pros isn’t really a pro. You just sort of stuck your opinion on the series into that section. Pros would be something like, “Plays strongly to the comedy side of Full Metal Panic” or, “Adds a new layer to the characters not seen in the first season”. What you wrote for pros would have probably made a better tagline or conclusion to the article.


  2. Thanks for the comment Kaioshin Sama, I appreciate them. I’m still relatively new at critiquing things and being able to say exactly why I like or dislike a show so comments like yours will make me a better reviewer.

    Your definitely right about what I said as a pro. It made sense to me when I wrote it at 1 AM but I should really have clarified what I meant. What I was trying to say is that Kyoto Animation did a very good job of adaptation as opposed to lackluster adaptations like Death Note but your pros sound much better.

    Me personally, I like slapstick / physical comedy and find the comedy in KyoAni’s shows right up my alley. Though your comment got me thinking about what types of comedy that aren’t normally shown in anime. One area of comedy I miss is the verbal wordplay since my comprehension of Japanese is essentially zero.


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