Summer Anime Impressions – Birdy the Mighty Decode

When I saw this in the preview guides put out by other bloggers I was put off by what I saw. The pictures just didn’t entice me at all and the setup only somewhat piqued my interest. It took Derailed by Darry covering the first episode to get me to watch this show. But guess what, I liked it a lot.

Rating: 11/12 A+

Birdy is an intergalactic agent of the law. She tracks two bad guys to the backwater world of Earth and this is the starting point of this show. We skip several months and see that Birdy has morphed into Shion so that she can infiltrate Earth to find the bad guys. Shion is a model, presumable because she found out that at least one of the guys is in the entertainment business.

Shion at the counter, Senekawa sitting with his two friends arguing with Hayamiya

We cut away and are introduced to Senekawa who appears to be a normal high school boy. He has friends and even a girl, Hayamiya, that probably likes him but also probably has known him since they were little kids. Senekawa has a bit of a weird hobby – he likes to explore abandoned building and since this is an anime he picks the abandoned building that the one bad guy is using for his nefarious plans. What seals Senekawa’s fate is that Birdy decides to go after this bad guy at the same time that he and Hayamiya are in there.

Senekawa and Hayamiya

Birdy accidentally kills Senekawa but he wakes up the next day in his bed and he finds out that he no longer needs his glasses. Turns out Birdy somehow incorporates Senekawa into herself so not only can she morph between being Birdy and Shion but can also turn into a copy of Senekawa’s body and let Senekawa’s mind run the body.

Senekawa tries to stick up to the bad guy


I was really surprised at how much I liked this show. I thought the action was interesting and well executed. Also the animation was well above average – it kinda reminded me of J.C. Staff. I’m really looking forward to watching the next episode and see what they are going to with the show.



Click for full size screenshot.

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