Summer Anime Impressions – Zero’s Familiar Season 3

Everyone’s favorite abusive magic user, Louise, is back. This was better then I thought it was going to be and I’m not just saying that because Rie Kugimiya is in this.

Rating: 10/12 A

Right off the bat we’re thrown with a curve – Saito, Louise’s familiar and gandalfr user, loses his mark that means that he is Louise’s familiar. Saito is now free of being Louise’s familiar and could conceivable try to make it back to our world but wisely decides to stay put (loser here, chick magnet there – tough decision 😉 ). We also learn that another Void Magic user is around and is interested in capturing Louise but doesn’t when he realizes that Saito is no longer a gandalfr user.

I know I’ll probably regret saying this but I think this could be a good season. At least the plot twist should open new avenues the show can pursue.

There goes the mark

Saito declines the chance at being a noble

One step forward and three steps back with them




3 thoughts on “Summer Anime Impressions – Zero’s Familiar Season 3”

  1. I totally get your “might regret saying it could be great” kind of feeling… And the ending of this episode was a prime exemple of that ; such animes more often then not tend to “reset” their characters emotionnaly, and to me it’s always a heavy strain on the show when abused…
    However, though the second season didn’t have the originality of the first (I liked the whole dragon-airplane stuff), some moments had me tearing, and I was left with that warm fuzzy tingling inside that you get after watching a good serie. All in all like you I can’t help but feel optimistic – though the booby-elf subplot makes me wonder… (and I wish we’d see more kissing already damnit, as we all know the first OP was called first kiss ! :p)


  2. i finished watching this series…it was awesome….lol…..(oh no….the whip…lol) i’d suggest this series to anyone…^_^
    ok..thats all i have to say….Sayonara!


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