Summer Anime Impressions – Slayers Revolution

Time for new anime and first up is my first episode impression of Slayers Revolution.

Rating: 06/12 B-

This is the fourth season of Slayers but it’s been over ten years since the previous season of Slayers ran so I’m sure lots of anime fans on both sides of the Pacific have never seen this show – count me as one of those. I was curious about this show, though, so I figured I’ve give it a go.

Slayers follows the adventures of Lina Inverse, who, according to episode one, has made bandits an endangered species and decided to move on to going after pirates. One gets the feeling very quickly that she’s prone to excessive amount of force to accomplish her goals and this is confirmed when she’s arrested under the charge of being Lina Inverse. The episode ends with Lina’s escape due to a very powerful spell being unleashed by a zippered character.

I think the show has definite potential but I don’t think the episode took enough time to bring in the new viewers into the fold. Meaning that the animators relied to much on nostalgia and past viewership to make this episode work. On the other hand I didn’t think this episode was bad – I did laugh a few times, especially when Lina was arrested for being Lina Inverse.

In the end, I gave it a B- because, even though it was pretty funny and has potential, it didn’t really draw me into the show and make me want to watch the next episode. I never drop a show this quickly and will give it my minimum 4 episodes to see if I like it more before dropping.




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