(Bi)Weekly Review of Anime Watched (June 15 – 28)

As the spring season gives way to the summer season of anime we are in a ‘make or brake’ time – can the 1-season animes finish well and can the 2-season animes not get bogged down at their midway point. Well, we’ll see. First up is a show that continues to be my favorite show of the season.

Kaiba, episode 8 – Rating 12+/12 Perfect

After last episodes climax, I was wondering what we’d see this time. Turns out we get a heavy plot episode that answers some lingering questions but, of course, raises many more. One thing I found very interesting was that Warp’s original body makes a reappearance from the second episode and it appears that the body has special properties – it’s immortal and can withstand being crunched by a heavy metal weight.

Nabari No Ou, episode 11 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

This lost at least one maybe two +’s because of the black block censoring. Serious mood breaker. Other then that this was an awesome episode – we find out about what really happened to Raimei’s family. And the siblings work out some long repressed feelings (and why do they anime characters always pick places with pretty backgrounds to fight).

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, episode 9 – Rating 08/12 B+

I can’t figure out why some episodes I really like and some episodes just leave me laughing at times but confused on a larger scale. This episode introduces Kyouka’s background – Demon Queen – and her sin: she wanted to be human. She appears to have gotten her wish at the expense of forgetting everything about her former life. I love character background and thus this episode should have ranked higher but this title still seems to be confused in who it wants to be – a character-driven drama, a plot-less wacky comedy, a comedy series with a plot, or something else.

Daughter of 20 Faces, episode 8 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Daughter of 20 Faces, episode 9 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Daughter of 20 Faces, episode 10 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Chiko continues her search for 20 Faces and we keep brushing into weird characters that are looking for 20 Faces as well. I’m wondering what is 20 Faces motive behind letting Ken and Chiko go – Chiko seems okay but Ken is definitely having separation anxiety. And what’s up with the aunt – she wants to go on a trip so she could kill Chiko but the only thing she planned was to push Chiko overboard. If that’s all the aunt can do then Chiko has nothing to worry about.

Maid Guy, episode 8 – Rating 07/12 B

The show is called Maid Guy for a reason. With almost no screen time for Maid Guy this episode kinda sucked.

Is it still considered politically incorrect if the Japanese draw japanese people with huge teeth?

Soul Eater, episode 11 – Rating 12+/12 Perfect

Soul Eater, episode 12 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

While I’m kinda antsy to see all three teams work together in a huge brawl against a powerful opponent, I’m enjoying these character-developing episodes like Ep.11 and plot development episodes like Ep. 12. In eleven we see the end of Tsubaki’s fight with her brother with some of the best fight scenes that I’ve seen in awhile and in twelve we see the witches fighting among themselves over Medusa acting as the nurse in the Shibusen. Shounen titles always seem best when villains work smartly and with intrigue and Medusa seems to be doing this – I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Seems like a Voltron reference

Onsen time!

Zettai Karen Children, episode 10 – Rating 11/12 A+

Zettai Karen Children, episode 11 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Two enjoyable episodes. In the first one, episode 10, we see Hyoubou’s hypnotism of Minamoto has not gone away and it almost lead to tragic circumstances. Because Minamoto was hypnotized to see Kaoru as an adult, he almost let her die from the cold because he was unwilling to hold her to keep her warm. Hyoubou’s motives remain a mystery and that helps make this show more interesting. The second one, episode 11, was an onsen episode and we all know what happens in an onsen episode. What made this episode awesome wasn’t the fanservice but the arrival of a pair of American Coamerican agents Ken and Mary. I just love when Americans show up in anime, I don’t know why since the clichéd American should offend me but it doesn’t.

Kure-nai, episode 11 – Rating 11/12 A+

Kure-nai, episode 12 – Rating 10/12 A

I don’t want to waste your time in reading what will be essentially the same thing twice so just refer to my series review but I will say that the car chase was very awesome and the snow was done very nicely.


One thought on “(Bi)Weekly Review of Anime Watched (June 15 – 28)”

  1. Yup, Kaiba is much more clear now 🙂

    I finished all Maid Guy, and it just not that good overall. I really liked the first few episodes of the show, but then it degraded into too many boobs and not enough Kogarashi.


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